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‘Committed, dedicated and (full of) banter.’ Southampton Solent Student Afsaneh Bladt-Cohen Shares Her Thoughts on Genesis and Her Work Experience Placement

Southampton Solent Media Culture and Production student Afsaneh Bladt-Cohen works with Genesis Imaging's Creative Director Mark Foxwell to calibrate our Durst Lambda C-type printer.

We love working with students for work experience placements, sharing our knowledge (and learning a thing or two from them too.) Afsaneh Bladt-Cohen, a (soon to be) final year Media Culture and Production student at Southampton Solent University joined us last week to learn about the printing side of Genesis. After a full week here, we caught up with… Read more »

Genesis Imaging: August 2015 News

Exhibition installation images for Yan Preston's Mother River exhibiiton at Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, 15 May - 5 June, 2015. Image © Yan Wang Preston.

Genesis Imaging August News: Travel Photographer of the Year at The Royal Geographical Society, The Firecracker Grant, new work by David Yarrow at Delahunty Fine Art Gallery, Yan Preston’s touring exhibition ‘Mother River’.