Dan Dubowitz

Image © Dan Dubowitz

Image © Dan Dubowitz

Image © Dan Dubowitz

Image © Dan Dubowitz

Image © Dan Dubowitz

Image © Dan Dubowitz

Image © Dan Dubowitz

Image © Dan Dubowitz

Image © Dan Dubowitz

About Dan Dubowitz:

Born 22 June 1969, Sheffield, UK.

Civic works: A practise established in 2003 to encompass both artworks, and cultural masterplans for post-industrial cities.

2011/— ‘Megalomania’. Fordlandia, Henry Ford’s new town in the Amazon, is the first series in a long-term project to explore megalomania in contemporary culture worldwide, through seven projects.

2013-2014 ‘The Institute of Public Information’. Photography-based provocation project in conjunction with the regeneration of Oldham. 2013 Cultural Masterplanner for London’s South Bank, Vauxhall to Battersea Power Station.

2012/2013 ‘Citizen Manchester’. Photographic series exploring how the transformation of civic buildings reshapes the psyche of a city and its relationships with its citizens. To be published Manchester University Press 2014.

2005/10 ‘Fascismo Abbandonato’. 12 photographic series rediscovering Mussolini’s fascist holiday camps for children, in ruins, across Italy. The book explores why they survived as ruins and a salon held at the British School in Rome asked: Do buildings have souls? Published Dewi Lewis Publishing 2010.

2003/10 ‘The Peeps’. Artist in residence for Ancoats, Manchester, UK. The project started out with a photographic series ‘The Presence of Absence’ which formed the basis for two permanent artworks: ‘The Peeps’, a city scale permanent artwork, comprising a series of peepholes to stumble across in permanently walled up spaces throughout the area, and the ‘Cutting Room’, a public square oriented around a series of 7 metre external photographs (permanent).

2008/12 ‘After the Occupation’. The Baltics. Photographic series, with writer Tim Abrahams. 2008/— ‘The Potteries’. An ongoing photographic series exploring the city’s derelict buildings and potteries on the eve of a major regeneration of the subregion. Part of the first British Ceramics Biennial. One of a series of projects developed as Cultural Masterplanner for Stoke on Trent.

2007/11 ‘If The Invader Comes’ and ‘Tattered Outlaws of History’. Filmwork and installation in collaboration with choreographer Fearghus Ó Conchúir for the Napoleonic Martello towers of both on the Irish coast north of Dublin and England’s east coast.

2006/2008 Cultural Masterplanner for the regeneration of Scotswood, Newcastle Expo; ‘Newtopia’.

2003/08 Cultural Masterpanner for the regeneration of Sunderland: programme of pilot projects and delivery plan for ‘The Cultural Masterplan for Sunderland’.

2000/05 ‘Wastelands’ photographic projects including: Ellis Island, NYC; Havana, Cuba; St Francis Monastery, Manchester; Albergo dei Poveri, Naples; Orford Ness,UK; Blue Circle, Larne, N.Ireland; Cardross, Scotland.


‘Fordlandia’, Feature Exhibition, Contact Festival, Toronto, Canada, May.
‘Fascismo Abbandonato’ Newcomer award exhibition, Art Koln, April.

Lens Culture new discoveries award touring exhibition. Paris, San Francisco, NYC.
Fascismo Abbandonato, Mirko Mayer Gallery. Koln Nov-Jan.
The Presence of Absence, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Oct-Dec.
Fascismo Abbandonato, Rugen (former Nazi holiday camps) June-September.
Power and Ruins, Luxembourg. Month of Photography, May-June.
If The Invader Comes & Tattered Outlaws of History, Jaywick Tower, UK, April-August.
‘Definitely No Rubbish Here’ Ancoats, Manchester, July.

Wastelands, Bau-xi Photo Gallery, Toronto, December
Fascismo Abbandonato’, The British School at Rome, May.

‘Fascismo Abbandonato’, Fermynwoods, UK; H2, Augsburg Germany, Galleria San Michele Degli Scalzi, Pisa, Italy
‘Tattered Outlaws of History’; Martello Towers north of Dublin, Ireland, with choreographer Fearghus Ó Conchúir
‘Breaking The Mould’, The Old Post Office, The British Ceramics Biennial


‘Fascismo Abbandonato’, Weisenhoff Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
The Peeps, Central Train Station, Manchester, UK

‘Gorton’, Central Train Station, Manchester

‘Searchlight’ with artist David Cotterrell, Sunderland
‘The Presence of Absence’, Wirksworth Festival

‘Cardross’, Fermywoods Gallery, UK, ‘Resurrection Cycle’, The Light House, Glasgow

‘Three Sanctuaries’, The Cathedral of St John The Divine, New York
‘The Presence of Absence’, Cube Gallery, Manchester; ‘The Presence of Absence’, Central Train Station, Manchester

‘Last Orders’, The Lighthouse, Glasgow
The Sounding Vessels, The Lighthouse, Glasgow and the no mans lands of the Berlin Wall
‘New British Contemporary Art’, The Courtauld Institute, Somerset House, London.

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