Geoff Waugh: Beyond the Peloton

'Beyond the Peloton' (installation view) © Geoff Waugh

'Beyond the Peloton' (installation view) © Geoff Waugh

'Beyond the Peloton' (installation view) © Geoff Waugh

'Beyond the Peloton' (installation view) © Geoff Waugh

Photographer Geoff Waugh and painter Vince Kamp collaborate on ‘Beyond the Peloton’; a showcase celebrating Britain’s greatest road and velodrome cyclists, originally shown between 15 and 20 June at Artefact Gallery, London, and set to tour other UK venues.

About Geoff Waugh:

Straight out of Hertford, via London and Essex, Geoff Waugh began his career photographing the glamorous and mysterious world of angling before heading into the darkrooms of Fleet Street and mainstream sports. A chance encounter with a mountain bike in Waterloo in the late 1980s put him where he is now – shooting professional cyclesport wherever it maybe; from the mean streets of Colchester to the oxygen-starved air of Colorado. He has national award-winning certificates for his troubles, but none as cherished as that which commemorates his 25 yard swimming success. Clients include, Trek Bicycles Corp, Specialized Bikes, Red Bull, BMW and various editorial titles worldwide.

About the Exhibition Prints:

‘The response to the prints was unbelievable. When I unwrapped them to hang I was blown away by the look. They appeared to have been just painted and were still wet – like you could put your finger into the colour! Everyone who has seen them has come back to me and commented on how good they look, which is why I have been cajoling people to see them in the flesh rather than peer at the images on a small screen. At 40x30in they blow your socks off.

Usually, I prefer matt finish to my prints but after a visit to Genesis to see the actual product [ChromaLuxe Fine Art Prints with a high gloss finish], I decided that gloss would be the way to go. It all ties in with the glossy, slick world of professional bike racing and the modern materials that are used in that arena.’

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