Direct to Media Printing; Redefining Printing in the Creative Industries

jim woodall - direct to media uv printing

Printing is being redefined; UV printing removes the limits of roll based printing and bridges the gap between photography and the physical presence of other 3D art forms. This new technology does not mark a departure from Lambda or Giclée printing but instead, provides another tool for artists and photographers to realise their intentions.

In 2010, Infotrends reported the UV-curable inkjet market was the fastest growing technology in the wide format digital printing market. Through the developments in technology and the inherent quality now achievable, UV curable printing has grown in the creative industry – once confined to commercial display, we have been proud to offer direct to media printing since early 2013 to serve the changing demands of the photographic and arts industries. In this time, we have worked with artists, photographers, interior designers and architects to print on everything from rubber to concrete and a whole host of materials in between.

We worked with artist and sculptor Jim Woodall to print his work direct to concrete for his exhibition Landscapes of Uncertainty’ at Marsden Woo Project Space, Clerkenwell. Printing in this way added another dimension to Woodall’s exploration of an anonymous plot of land which was once used but now lies dormant. Through an amalgamation of photography, sculpture and installation, Woodall questions the transient state of the land and its uncertain future. Using our Direct to Media printing, Woodall’s work transcends the boundaries of the photographic medium, mixing photography with sculpture and exploring the physically of printing itself.

The more literal depictions of the land are accompanied by geometric shapes that reference the way that technology affects our memory. These shapes and forms appear transitional – like a lapsed moment in time or a memory yet to be recounted. Woodall uses these shapes to comment on the authority of digital media and the “endless accumulation, instability and disappearance’ in our modern world, a relative thought when considering the fate of this anonymous plot of land. Printing direct to concrete adds an interesting aesthetic to Woodall’s work whilst also providing another dimension of exploration of this space and the broader topic of our inherently digital culture.

For Genesis as a company, Direct to Media printing has been our largest investment in new services since our departure from analogue to digital in 2011. Ken Sethi, CEO commented earlier this year that “Direct to Media printing is progress; It gives artists and photographers the opportunity to explore new ways to showcase their work – it opens up the marketplace – and that’s only a good thing.”

Gabrielle & The Genesis Team

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See Landscapes of Uncertainty at at Marden Woo Project Space until 21st June 2014.

See more of Jim Woodall’s work at:

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