Halsnoy Kloster – an exhibition on a very special year…

halsnoy kloster

Halsnoy Kloster, in Norway, is host to new bodies of work by artists chosen to take part in the residency programme they have run with Sunnhordland Museum since 2010.

The exhibition, which opened on the 1st September, showcases the work of Raphaël Neal, Sylvia Ballhause and a collaboration between artist Sebastien van Malleghem & composer Pierre Lateur. Although each body of work is dissimilar, they are united by the same starting point; the island of Halsnoy.

Raphael’s images were printed using our Direct to Media UV process which allows the work to be displayed outside. His series, IKWIG!’, stands proudly in the grounds where the monastery once stood. Set against the backdrop of the island of Halsnoy, he incarnates new characters in a set of self-portraits with a sense of unease. Each image shows a character seemingly in the wrong place at the wrong time; a Goth waiting for a bus, a man sleepwalking towards the sea.

We are delighted to have worked with Halsnoy Kloster and Sunnhordland Museum to support the artist in residency programme on this very special year, the 850th jubilee of the monastery at Halsnoy.

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