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Originally posted on October 4th 2013

Following his talk with Martin Parr and Jaap Scheeren at Unseen photography fair, David Birkitt spoke to us LIVE via Twitter on Tuesday about changes in the industry, overcoming challenges and more…

Through his involvement with Penny Rich, Bill Charles, Magnum and later DMB Media; David has represented and worked with some of the world’s most renowned photographic artists including: Nadav Kander, Stephen Shore, Larry Sultan, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Joel Sternfeld, John Midgley, Mitch Epstein, Martin Parr and Simon Roberts.

During the last five years DMB Media has grown into three separate companies: DMB Creatives, DMB Represents and Lucid-ly, each specialises in a different area of photography.

Genesisimaging: Hi David! Are you ready to be quizzed?

Dmbcreatives: Ready to be quizzed!

Genesisimaging: Great! Tell us about Lucid-ly at Unseen photo fair…

Dmbcreatives: We wanted to make our stand more of an experience than just showing work on walls, a live experience.

Genesisimaging: For those not familiar with DMB/Lucid-ly at Unseen photo fair, how did you do this?

Dmbcreatives: Working with Sipke Visser, WassinkLundgren, Jaap Scheeren we made work live at the stand each day.

Genesisimaging: Brings us nicely on to a Q. from Lens Culture! How many were shredded in the interactive exhibit with WassinkLundgren?

Dmbcreatives: 20 got shredded and 10 were sold, nice to know there are 10 unique pieces in collector’s hands!

Genesisimaging: Definitely! Lucidly aside, what was your Unseen photo fair highlight?

Dmbcreatives: The energy of the fair, they are really getting there with the festival spirit & the book market.

Genesisimaging: The book market was great! How has your perception of photography changed since you began working in the industry?

Dmbcreatives: Big? & 15 years on! It’s really become a language less static and now fly’s between us all every second of the day.

Genesisimaging: What would you like to see change within the photography industry in the future?

Dmbcreatives: Commercially a greater use of quality images & photogs, conceptual risks & a much bigger position in the art world.

Genesisimaging: And what has been the biggest challenge in your career? How did you overcome it?

Dmbcreatives: Evolving within an ever changing environment, collaborating with people that are constantly pushing the boundaries.

Genesisimaging: What do you see as the biggest obstacle today for photographers & how should they overcome it?

Dmbcreatives: Not enough characters for that one! What makes them different to anyone else & creating a position in the market.

Genesisimaging: Sorry! Great answer. Who, or what, has been your biggest influence & why?

Dmbcreatives: Larry Sultan for making me really understand how to live life & be in Photography, Mr Parr for being Mr Parr.

Dmbcreatives: & everyone around me today, they know who they are .

Genesisimaging: last few from us… How do you hope your role within the industry is perceived?

Dmbcreatives: As a support and developer for the artists and their practice & making them & their work accessible for the market.

Genesisimaging: And finally… Thomas Hodges asks about the term artists’, used to describe photographers – what does the term mean to you?

Dmbcreatives: People that create & produce with their own identity we use photography and all the tools it has to offer.

Dmbcreatives: And how we make it and how you can interact with it!

Dmbcreatives: Good question & again I have a bigger answer than will fit here!

Genesisimaging: Thank you David, it’s been a pleasure! Great answers, got us thinking!

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