The London College of Communication MA Student Bursary 2017

Venezuela; Tunneling Power © Yorli Mendoza

Angel © Yorli Mendoza

Valentina © Yorli Mendoza

Mariana © Yorli Mendoza

Erika © Yorli Mendoza

Theresa © Yorli Mendoza

Yo © Yorli Mendoza

As part of our dedication to the next generation of creative practitioners, Genesis is delighted to support MA students at London College of Communication with an award comprised of: £500 credit towards our professional printing and finishing services; a year’s mentoring from our very own Creative Director, Mark Foxwell; and a VIP ticket to Photo London (which admits two).

The bursary award winner was chosen by Mark Foxwell, Genesis’ Creative Director, who had the difficult choice of picking just one recipient from a multitude of practitioners each displaying interesting and thought-provoking works.

This years’ Genesis Imaging Bursary Award recipient is Yorli Mendoza, who we very much look forward to working with on the production of her future work. 

Yorli Mendoza on her winning project, Venezuela; Tunneling Power:

“They argue that scarcity, meaning the lack of what is needed, produces a tunnelling effect which captures people’s minds, narrows their field of vision and causes them to focus solely on managing the scarcity, thereby creating a lack of curiosity about wider issues and an inability to consider longer-term consequences.

This project explores scarcity as a mechanism for control based on the tunnelling effect. Starvation and suppression are so common and powerful that people have almost become accustomed to it.

In this photographic exploration, I attempted to evoke the invisible tunnel effect by manipulating each portrait to reveal the personal controlling effect it has on each individual.

This project is a response to my need to report what is happening in my country and to demonstrate how it affects all Venezuelans at home and abroad.”

About Yorli Mendoza:

Yorli Mendoza is a Venezuelan – London based Photographer and visual artist on the MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography course at London College of Communication. She holds a BA in Sociology (Universidad Católica Andres Bello, Caracas).

Her art focuses on social documentary, on people in the context of their own environment, and seeks to explore the complex relationship between power structures and society. She is also interested in gender inequality and abuse of power. Most of her work tries to explore these areas.

Yorli is driven by research led self-initiated projects that combine her interest in sociology, psychology and photography. Her approach uses photography, video and installation.

“My images and my work do not intend to be a final word instead I seek to encourage debate and discussion and raise questions about a particular subject”

Visit Yorli’s Website

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