One Month in, What Do Our Apprentices Really Think of Us?

kevin and matthew - apprentices

Our apprentices spent the first month in different departments – with Kevin getting to grips with printing and Matthew tackling the mounting and finishing side of the business. After their first month was up, they both swapped roles. We aimed to give both an all-round perspective of the business and some important hands-on skills, but what do they really think of their first month at the company?

So, why did you choose to an apprenticeship?

Kevin: “I think it’s a good way to get into working life. Learning from doing’ and working with people who have hands-on knowledge really appealed to me, there’s only so much that I think you can learn in education. I applied to Genesis because it seemed like a good place with a lot of interesting things going on.”

Matthew: “College wasn’t challenging me enough, I wanted to get out and into the workplace. I’m really into photography and I take a lot of photographs myself, I thought that the apprenticeship here would teach me more about how to present my own work (which is fashion and portraiture mainly).”

What interests you most about the work that we do?

Kevin: “I like the computer side of things. The retouching of images is something that I’d like to be more involved in, in the future. Although I like the finishing side of the company too! I’m enjoying learning about the different sides of the business.”

Matthew: “Clients work is so varied, every job is different – and I like that.”

What has been the biggest surprise about working at Genesis?

Kevin: “The sheer quantity of prints that are produced here – it’s quite astonishing and it’s been quite a surprise.”

Matthew: “The attention to detail.”

Kevin, tell us what you enjoyed most about your time spent in our printing department…

Kevin: “Using the Lambda – I think it’s a good skill to have and something that I think will benefit me in my future career.”

And Matthew, what did you enjoy most about your time spent in our finishing department?

Matthew: “Seeing the final product; it’s really interesting seeing everything come together.”

What have you both found to be the biggest challenge?

Kevin: “Using the Lambda! Working in the dark is challenging, it’s hard to know where everything is – it takes a lot of getting used to.”

Matthew: “Working to tight deadlines!”

What have you both found to be the biggest challenge?

Kevin: “Nothing yet. If I’m pushed for an answer then maybe the location – the area is quite quiet!”

Matthew: “No, nothing yet. Well, maybe cutting myself a few times by accident.”

Kevin, what are you looking forward to learning most in the finishing department?

Kevin: “I’m really looking forward to putting work through the machine – getting stuck into the mounting side of things.”

And what about you Matthew, in the printing department?

Matthew: “I’m looking forward to learning more about retouching and developing my skills, it’ll be good for my own photography work and for my career.”

What has been the most exciting thing that you’ve seen here?

Kevin: “The extraordinary things that Genesis’ clients do – some of the artwork is amazing and you guys work with some really interesting people.”

Matthew: “I agree. My highlight so far has been seeing David Yarrow’s wildlife images – I really admire the work that he produces, it was great getting to meet him too! Seeing other people’s work gives you fresh ideas, you learn new things.”


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