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The Firecracker Grant 2018: Winner Announced

Rian With Friends, 2017 © Peyton Fulford

American photographer Peyton Fulford has been announced the winner of the 2018 Firecracker Photographic Grant for her ongoing project ‘Infinite Tenderness’. This project is a highly personal account of growing up queer in a religious household in Southern America. She will receive funding from Firecracker and support with printing services from Genesis Imaging.

The Firecracker Grant 2017

The Firecracker Photographic Grant

Applications are now open for the 2017 Firecracker Grant; a £2000 fund supported by Genesis Imaging which helps a female documentary photographer complete a body of work.

Genesis Imaging: September 2016 News

Featuring:  Undocumented: Healthcare for the Hidden The Firecracker Grant 2016 Xposure Int’l Photography Festival The Master Photographers Association Awards… Undocumented: Healthcare for the Hidden A new photography exhibition – Undocumented: Healthcare for the hidden – marks the 10-year anniversary of Doctors of the World’s pioneering east London health clinic for vulnerable refugees and migrants. The… Read more »

The Firecracker Grant 2016: Winner Announced

Sanne De Wilde 'The Island of the Colourblind', winner of The Firecracker Grant 2016

Belgian photographer Sanne De Wilde has been announced as the winner of the 2016 Firecracker Photographic Grant for her work in progress ‘Island of the Colourblind’. ‘Island of the Colourblind’ documents the residents of Pineglap, a tiny atoll in the Pacific Ocean, part of Pohnpei State of the Federated States of Micronesia, whose residents see… Read more »

The Firecracker Photographic Grant 2016


We are delighted to once again support The Firecracker Photographic Grant; an annual award providing funding to support a female photographer to aid in the completion of a documentary photographic project. Firecracker was established in 2001 by Fiona Rogers to promote European women working in photography. In 2012, Firecracker launched its inaugural photographic grant which has so… Read more »

Genesis Imaging: October 2015 News

Image: Soldat Ahmed ben Mohammed el Yadjizy / Soldat Ali ben Ahmed ben Frej ben Khelil / Soldat Hassen ben Ali ben Guerra el Amolani/ Soldat Mohammed Ould Mohammed ben Ahmed 17:00 / 15.12.1914 / Verbranden-Molen, West-Vlaanderen. C-print, 120 x 150 cm © Chloe Dewe Mathews 2013

Featuring: The Firecracker Grant, Chloe Dewe Mathews ‘ Shot at Dawn’ at The Irish Museum of Modern Art Jan McCullough on her Award-Winning Series ‘Home Instruction Manual’ ‘Innovation at the Highest Quality’ in The British Journal of Photography The Firecracker Grant 2015 The winner of the 2015 Firecracker Grant – that we are proud to… Read more »

The Firecracker Grant 2015: Winner Announced

Image © Lua Riberia, from the series 'Noises in the Blood' . Winner of the Firecracker Photographic Grant 2015.

Lua Ribeira has been announced as the winner of the 2015 Firecracker Grant for her striking documentary series ‘Noises in the Blood’; a documentation of dancehall culture. Her series, Noises in the Blood, explores the celebration of a ritual, embracing consciously the exotic stereotype towards a different culture looking at the immediate differences between photographer and the subject, opening… Read more »

Genesis Imaging: August 2015 News

Exhibition installation images for Yan Preston’s Mother River exhibiiton at Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, 15 May - 5 June, 2015. Image © Yan Wang Preston.

Genesis Imaging August News: Travel Photographer of the Year at The Royal Geographical Society, The Firecracker Grant, new work by David Yarrow at Delahunty Fine Art Gallery, Yan Preston’s touring exhibition ‘Mother River’.

The Firecracker Photographic Grant 2015

The Firecracker Photographic Grant

Genesis is delighted to once again supports The Firecracker Photographic Grant, an annual award providing funding to support a female photographer to aid in the completion of a documentary photographic project – now open for submissions.

An Interview with Fiona Rogers, Cultural & Education Manager at Magnum Photos and Founder of Firecracker


Originally posted on March 3rd 2014 Since 2011, Firecracker has assisted the promotion of women working in photography with a series of monthly online features, networking opportunities and public events. In 2012, the annual Firecracker photographic grant launched to assist a female photographer born or residing in Europe with the completion of a documentary photographic… Read more »