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The Somme, Haig with Prime Minister David Lloyd-George and General Joffre at the 14th Army Corps headquarters at Meaulte, France, 12 September 1916
Nurse Mary, Princess Royal At work in London, c.1918
Final Photo, Kitchener with Admiral Sir Frederic Dreyer on board the Flagship HMS Iron Duke at Scapa Flow, Orkney, June 1916
Lady Norman's Scooter, During WWI she ran a voluntary hospital in Wimereux, France, c.1916
Clairmarais Aerodrome near Ypres, British Officers and SE 5a Scouts of No. 1 Squadron. The group includes two Americans, Lieutenants D. Knight and H.A. Kuhlberg, July 1918
U-Boat Scouting Party, Aerial Naval observer coming down from balloon after a scouting tour, c.1918
General Sir Harold Alexander, Commander-in-Chief of British Forces in the Middle East Command, surveys the battlefront from an open car with Major General Harding, c.1942
FANY Drivers, Women of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps in their fur coats, c.1915
HMS Bonaventure, Royal Navy Astraea-class cruiser
Ministry of Information, Forward scouts of the 9th Hudson's Horse, an Indian cavalry regiment, April 1917

Brother’s in Alms is an exhibition of rare photographs spanning the period from the Second Boer War through to the end of the Second World War, and features those who led and those who served on land, sea and in the air. It portrays the great landscape of conflict across all continents and the diversity of the participants.

The exhibition includes those Freemasons who held top military positions, including Horatio Herbert Kitchener, who was Britain’s most celebrated soldier at the beginning of the First World War and was depicted on the famous Your country needs you’ recruitment poster in 1914.

The images illustrate the old war with cavalry and lances, through to the new mechanised war with motor vehicles, tanks and aeroplanes. It celebrates the lives of those who took part in the war – from the Royal Princes and Generals to the ordinary men and women, who served through those extraordinary times.


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