Clients arriving by car can visit Genesis Imaging using commonly used routes in Fulham (including via the Clean Air Neighbourhood)

+44 020 7384 6200

We are pleased to notify you of the successful outcome of conversations with Hammersmith and Fulham Council about mitigating the effect of Clear Air Neighbourhoods trails to the local area on visitors to Genesis Imaging.

Visitors to Genesis Imaging can enter/exit through cameras circled below in green without a fine as we can register visitor’s numberplates using RingGo. Red-circled cameras are active and unable to be passed through. 

Visitors to Genesis Imaging can pass through green-circled cameras without fines (provided you have notified a team member of your number plate).

On arrival at Genesis, please let a member of reception know your route and the numberplate of your car. We will then register this, allowing you to pass the designated cameras without a fine.

We want to reassure further clients visiting us by guaranteeing to cover payment of any PCN incurred in error due to passing through the green highlighted cameras on the map above.

The signs below on Peterborough Road, Broomhouse Lane and Hurlingham Road are active for those living outside of the area, except those visiting Genesis Imaging.

These signs (on Broomhouse Lane, Peterborough Road and Hurlingham Road) are for those living outside the area, except those visiting Genesis Imaging.

If you have any questions, please speak to one of the team on 020 7384 6200.

We thank you for your continued support – and look forward to seeing you soon!

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