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Bespoke Fabric Lightboxes
In addition to our more traditional lightboxes (which use Duratrans or Direct to Media prints on Perspex), we also provide...
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Fabric Lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging with David Yarrow Artwork
Classic Photographic Gallery Framing
Why Should I Choose Classic Photographic Framing? We stock a wide range of exhibition-quality mouldings in a broad range of...
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David Yarrow Bespoke Gallery Frame Installation 2020.
Spacer (Box) Framing
Why should I choose Spacer (Box) Framing? Alongside the contemporary aesthetic achieved with spacer framing, the separation between your artwork...
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Tray Framing
Why Should I Choose Tray Frames? Without glass, tray frames are more lightweight than traditional framing options, and reflections on...
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tray framing - genesis imaging
Keyline Framing
  Why should I choose Keyline Framing? Without glass, keyline frames are more lightweight than traditional framing and reflections on...
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Keyline framing
Bespoke Lightbox Framing
  LED Panels vs Traditional Fluorescent Tubing We use only the highest quality LED panels to illuminate all of our...
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michael Potter - bespoke lightbox framing
Window Mounts, Fabric Wrapped Mounts and Liners
What is a Window Mount or Passe-Partout? ‘Passe-partout’ (or Passepartout) is a french term for a mat, paper or cardboard...
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Passe-partout or window mounts in a range of colours by Genesis Imaging
Student Photographic Framing
About our Student Photographic Framing services Aware of the fragile state of students’ bank accounts and the need to foster...
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The Conquest of Materials (installation view) © Benjamin Swanson. Printed as a Giclée Fine Art Print with Bespoke Framing.

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