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Artist Julian Opie's work installed for exhibition at Lisson Gallery, Shanghai. Produced as Bespoke Fabric Lightbox by Genesis Imaging.
Artist Julian Opie's work installed for exhibition at Lisson Gallery, Shanghai. Produced as Bespoke Fabric Lightbox by Genesis Imaging.
Fabric Lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging with David Yarrow Artwork
Artwork © David Yarrow
Paul Thompson's work at 'Navigate' Exhibiton at Wren London in 2018. Produced as Fabric Lightbox.
Installation of 'Navigate' at Wren London including Bespoke Fabric Lightbox.
Yan Wang Preston: 'Field Studies – Land Body Botany'

In addition to our more traditional lightboxes (which use Duratrans or Direct to Media prints on Perspex), we also provide custom-size slim lightboxes with interchangeable high-definition fabric images. These are bespoke and made to your requirements. 

Why Should I Choose Bespoke Fabric Lightboxes?

Our fabric lightboxes present your artwork as a bespoke-sized contemporary art piece and allow a changeable showcase in your home or gallery. They are also the perfect advertising solution within commercial premises to increase brand awareness or showcase a product or service due to their large-scale, bright, and even lighting and changeable graphics.

These high-impact, large-scale lightboxes benefit from their lightweight structure and the ability to change graphics or artwork easily. The lightboxes utilise LEDs, Drivers and electrics inside the unit, allowing the lightbox profile to be slimline at 60mm. The LED’s provide a very even spread of light across the lightbox, with no shadowing, and emit very little heat.

The images or artwork showcased on our fabric lightboxes are printed with our high-definition Direct to Media UV Printing service, allowing ultra-fine detail right across the expanse of the piece. Direct to Media UV Printing uses our ultra-fine Swiss-Q Nyala machine, which has a nine picolitre output for fine-art applications and improved precision printing with unparalleled detail.

Each lightbox uses a 24-volt LED system, and the framework comes with an anodised aluminium finish or satin black or white powder-coated finish, and in sizes up to a massive 3 x 2m.

What makes us so special?

Lightboxes – Hanging Guide


Both our fabric and standard glazed lightboxes come mains powered, simply plug them in and go!

Yes! With clients around the world, we’ve shipped our clients work Internationally and can advise and quote on delivery options to suit your requirements. Our bespoke crating is ideal for large items and international delivery – ensuring your work is packaged to perfection and protected until it reaches its destination.

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