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Zoobs Ansari 'Insanity Fair' (install shot) at Elephant West
Zoobs Ansari 'Insanity Fair' (install shot) at Elephant West
'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.
'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.
'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.
'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.
michael Potter - bespoke lightbox framing
Image © Michael Potter

What is Bespoke Lightbox Framing?

We offer exhibition-quality, bespoke lightbox framing to complement our ultra-slimline, lightweight fine art lightboxes.

Our team make lightboxes using a range of exhibition-quality mouldings. We first produce prints as Duratrans, and a diffuser is then used to ensure even light disbursement from the LED panels used within the lightbox.

Lightbox Frame Profile - For Galleries, Photographers and more.


LED Panels vs Traditional Fluorescent Tubing

We use only the highest quality LED panels to illuminate all of our lightboxes – this gives us greater flexibility in the size we can produce and means that our lightboxes are evenly lit from edge to edge.

The change from fluorescent tubing to LED panels also allows us to produce extremely slimline lightboxes to bespoke specifications. LED lighting also emits far less heat than traditional lightboxes, which use fluorescent tubing, which not only requires additional depth to prevent overheating but can result in image deterioration. 

The LED light is dispersed through a diffusing layer of translucent Perspex for even illumination.

The first step for producing lightboxes is printing your images; we print these as Duratrans using the digital c-type process – rendering images durable and archival on a translucent base suitable for lightboxes.

Appropriate fixings are then attached to the back of the lightbox so that your work is ready to hang. Of course, our skilled team can provide advice on hanging systems, but we can also offer delivery and installation services.

Why Should I Choose Bespoke Lightbox Framing?

Our bespoke lightboxes are then in-house by our framing department using your choice of mouldings and to your exact specifications. We stock a multitude of gallery-quality exhibition mouldings available for our lightbox framing service.

What makes us so special?

Lightboxes – Hanging Guide


Both our fabric and standard glazed lightboxes come mains powered, simply plug them in and go!

We certainly do! Our specially trained team can take care of the installation of your artwork and vinyl in galleries, commercial and residential properties.

In addition to our installation services for the art and photography industries, we also are able to provide installation of vinyl and graphics using our in-house installation team who have years of experience on projects, both large and small.

Yes! With clients around the world, we’ve shipped our clients work Internationally and can advise and quote on delivery options to suit your requirements. Our bespoke crating is ideal for large items and international delivery – ensuring your work is packaged to perfection and protected until it reaches its destination.

Our pricing page shows a guide of the costs associated with many of our services. For a more comprehensive quote, or quotes for large orders or using our bespoke services, please contact one of our friendly team here.

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