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Zoobs Ansari 'Insanity Fair' (install shot) at Elephant West
Zoobs Ansari 'Insanity Fair' (install shot) at Elephant West
'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.
'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.
'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.
'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.
michael Potter - bespoke lightbox framing
Image © Michael Potter

Bespoke Lightbox Framing Overview

The lightbox framing process begins with the creation of prints using a direct-to-media UV printing method on the reverse of a piece of acrylic.

To optimise the dispersion of LED light, a diffusing layer of white is applied to the back of the print. This layer acts as a medium for uniform illumination. The lightbox frame is then produced, using FSC-certified mouldings, to accommodate LED lights within a cavity and finished with a backing board and fixings to hang.

Advantages of Bespoke Lightbox Framing

We exclusively utilise premium LED panels to illuminate our lightboxes, providing flexibility in size and ensuring uniform illumination from edge to edge. Unlike traditional lightboxes with fluorescent tubing, LED panels emit significantly less heat, eliminating the need for extra depth to prevent overheating and safeguarding against image deterioration.

Opting for LED panels isn’t just about preventing overheating; it’s a practical choice that enhances your prints’ lifespan and archival integrity. This transition also enables us to create exceptionally slimline lightboxes tailored to your specifications. Our in-house framing team meticulously crafts bespoke lightboxes, offering a selection of gallery-quality exhibition mouldings.

Why Choose Genesis for Bespoke Lightbox Framing?

With in-house production capabilities, we craft Bespoke Lightboxes entirely in-house. This eliminates the need to coordinate with multiple suppliers to produce your lightbox, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process from start to finish. 

We also extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our services, pledging to either redo or refund should the outcome not fully meet your expectations.

Over 25 Years at the Forefront of Exhibition Production

In this video, we look behind the scenes to explore the variety of work we produce and some of the diverse range of clients we cater to. Offering a glimpse into the intricacies of our operations, we highlight the extensive print, mounting, and finishing services that define our commitment to quality and innovation.

What makes us so special?

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Lightboxes – Hanging Guide


Both our fabric and standard glazed lightboxes come mains powered, simply plug them in and go!

We certainly do! Our specially trained team can take care of the installation of your artwork and vinyl in galleries, commercial and residential properties.

In addition to our installation services for the art and photography industries, we also are able to provide installation of vinyl and graphics using our in-house installation team who have years of experience on projects, both large and small.

Yes! With clients around the world, we’ve shipped our clients work Internationally and can advise and quote on delivery options to suit your requirements. Our bespoke crating is ideal for large items and international delivery – ensuring your work is packaged to perfection and protected until it reaches its destination.

Our pricing page shows a guide of the costs associated with many of our services. For a more comprehensive quote, or quotes for large orders or using our bespoke services, please contact one of our friendly team here.

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