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Our Story

Installation of Civilization: The Way We Live Now’, an exhibition by The Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography at The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.

Complete photographic printing, mounting, framing, graphics and installation services for photographers, artists, galleries and all image discerning clients.

Image: Installation of Civilization: The Way We Live Now’, an exhibition by The Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography at The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.


Expansion once again to accommodate larger sizes of works, supported by a significant investment in an upgraded Direct to Media UV machine to offer larger sizes through roll to roll printing, and with the option of added varnish – giving artists greater flexibility in the production of their work. And a new reception too!

Image: new upstairs reception, circa 2018

'Malaika' Cheetah (detail), Masai Mara 2014 © David Lloyd. ChromaLuxe Fine Art print on white polymer-based aluminium with matte finish.

New ChromaLuxe® Fine Art Printing service introduced. With the look of traditional Cibachrome prints, these prints are archival, resistant to water, fire, abrasion and chemicals, and exclusive in London to Genesis Imaging.

Building renovations to expand Genesis’ premises and accommodate a larger finishing area and all-new printing department.

Image: ‘Malaika’ Cheetah (detail), Masai Mara 2014 © David Lloyd. ChromaLuxe Fine Art print on white polymer-based aluminium with matte finish.

Direct to Media UV Printing at Genesis Imaging.

Direct to Media printing introduced to our range of services – the first of its kind in London.

Premises expanded to accommodate extra-large printing, mounting and bespoke framing services.

Genesis Digital Imaging Price Guide, 2005.

Farewell to film processing and hand printing as the focus of the industry changes to digital.

Expanded mounting and framing department, providing more space for new finishing services. Gallery and interior installation services introduced.


Genesis relocates to Hurlingham Business Park, Fulham.

tray framing - genesis imaging

New mounting and framing services introduced to meet the changing demands of our clients.

Primary Colour lab moved to Genesis Imaging premises at Michael Road, Fulham.

primary colour lab - genesis imaging

Primary Colour lab in Kingsland Road incorporated with Genesis – providing an additional location in the heart of Shoreditch.

Scala B&W film processing introduced.


Lambda C-type and Giclée Fine Art printing add to our extensive list of professional photographic services.

Fujifilm Frontier Mini-lab Introduced.

Image: Steve Butler with the Lambda Processor, circa 2004.

creative retouching - genesis imaging - image by tim wren - ford motor company

Integration of new digital imaging services – including film scanning and image retouching.

Image: Retouching for Tim Wren/Ford.

ken sethi - howard lee - genesis imaging

Genesis Laboratory was established by Ken Sethi and Howard Lee in 1997 as a professional photographic lab offering colour and B&W film processing & C-type, B&W and E6 hand printing services.

Image: Howard Lee (left), Ken Sethi (right), circa 1997.

About Genesis Imaging

Some people believe printing great images is as simple as pressing a button. We believe the relationship between the artist and the team at the final stages of production is what makes the difference between good images and memorable work.

Our extensive printing and finishing services combine the latest technology with a team with over 25 years of experience at the forefront of exhibition production. The prints, mounts and frames we produce have graced the walls of leading museums and galleries, from London’s Tate Modern to The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Irrespective of where you’re showcasing your work, we strive to understand each of our client’s diverse requirements, so we can produce your work exactly the way you envision it. After all, we understand that your work is of the utmost importance to you, which makes it important to us too.

The collaborative way that we work – honing our attention and skills to produce your work – makes us unique. We’re so confident in the quality of our services and that you’ll benefit from how we work that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will redo or refund the cost of your work if you’re not 100% happy with it.

When was the last time someone cared as much about your work as you?

No problems, only solutions.  

100% passion, 100% quality.

Our Team

Genesis Imaging is made up of a team of multi-skilled individuals who are passionate about delivering exceptional work.

Find out more about who makes up our team…

Although many changes have taken place since 1997, when Ken founded Genesis with Howard Lee, he’s been at the helm ever since; steering the ship as Genesis’ CEO – a job which he has always dreamt of.

Ken comments, “I’ve grown up with Genesis and having such a multi-disciplined business with such a skilled team is something that I always dreamt of, it’s certainly a proud achievement.”

Howard has been Finance Director at Genesis since right at the very beginning – over 20 years ago. He’s an ardent sports fan and admires Bill Gates for his innovation and philanthropic endeavours to enhance world healthcare and reduce poverty.

Lynda is a real people-person, which is lucky really as she’s often the first point of contact for clients! Her role ensures that orders are fulfilled to the highest quality and ultimately, that our clients are pleased with their finished work. When she’s not at work, she can be found with her family and her beautiful dog.

Mark started printing in 1977 and has printed for many of the biggest names in the photographic and art markets; including Norman Parkinson, Edward Burtynsky and Anslem Kiefer, amongst many, many others. When he’s not busy printing clients work or at client events, you can find him in the garden with his other passion – his bonsai trees.

Steve plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of the printing department. Though it poses challenges, he considers it a privilege to work on a diverse array of projects, relishing the often fast-paced nature of his responsibilities. Outside of work, Steve indulges his keen interest in history by visiting castles with his family. It is this close-knit family that holds the greatest value for him.

You’ll see Bernie when you come in to talk through your projects as he’s one of the first port of calls, alongside Lynda and Alex. He’s very experienced in all that Genesis has to offer and so is the perfect person to answer client queries, questions and concerns. His most prized possession is pair of Winkle-Picker shoes once owned by American singer-songwriter, composer, and actor, Tom Waits.§

Alex is trained as a framer so he has first-hand knowledge in all aspects of finishing work, and he loves going to client exhibitions. Fun fact – he knows all of the words to both Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ and Rod Stewart’s ‘Tonight I’m Yours’ albums, because his mum played them so much when he was growing up!

Pavan plays a crucial role in our Client Service team, providing valuable assistance to Lynda, Bernie, and Alex. She derives immense joy from interacting with clients, including their canine companions. When asked about someone she admires the most, Pavan immediately points to her hardworking father, Ken. Her most cherished possessions are Polaroid photographs capturing precious moments with friends and family. Pavan finds inspiration in the Japanese art of Zen, shaping her perspective on life and work.

As our Senior Framer, Tat – or TC as he’s known to us – plays an instrumental part in getting clients work finished for gallery exhibitions. When he’s not at Genesis, you can find TC at home with his family; he’s a very proud husband and dad. He says that his wedding ring holds the most value to him and he most admires people that put their families first.

Stacy’s favourite part of his job is seeing all the final elements come together, and he loves the fact that the work we produce for clients is so varied. His family, his motorbike and his credit card are his most prized things in life. He’s a bit of a twitcher (the birdwatching type) and loves exploring the world with his family at his side.

Deep works on our direct to media printing and also supports the finishing department. His main area of interest is experimenting with different substrates and finding new ways to achieve client’s visions.

“Every day is different and I am really pleased to be able to work with a huge range of great artists and photographers” he says.

Alex loves working with our print team because he gets to see work from a variety of photographers and artists – often before work is made public. When he’s not at Genesis, you can find him at the gym or playing football with his friends. You might not be surprised to hear that his most prized possession is sports-related: a Real Madrid shirt signed by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gabrielle takes great satisfaction in her role as Marketing, Communications and Partnerships Manager, as it allows her to support existing clients and discover and engage with new ones.

Beyond her work at Genesis, Gabrielle is an artist, facilitator, and photography lecturer. She is an amateur horticulturist who derives immense joy from caring for her wide-ranging collection of houseplants.

Jacky helps manage all aspects of accounting and finance, alongside Howard, a job which he loves due to the diverse responsibilities this involves. When he’s not at work, Jacky enjoys trading in the stock market and investing in cryptocurrencies.

You might recognise James as he was a part of the team a few years ago. After a short while away, we’re glad to have him back! James assists in the mounting and framing departments, and he says he’s proud to be back working with “the best in the business”. He cites his most prized possessions as his imagination and his camera – both of which come in handy when he’s not at Genesis as he works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer.

Toby plays a vital role in our mounting department, a position he genuinely enjoys. You might already know Toby, as he returned after a brief hiatus, and we’re thrilled to welcome him back!

Describing his work as a daily adventure, Toby embraces each day with enthusiasm, relishing fresh challenges and ongoing opportunities for learning (even with several years of experience). He holds those closest to him in high regard—his cherished relationships are even more significant to him than his love for Tottenham, where he holds a season ticket.

In 2023, Olivia joined our bustling print department. As a passionate photographer, Olivia finds immense inspiration in the journey from digital files to tangible print. She cites her most-prized possessions as her grandmother’s portfolio, her vinyl collection – and perhaps unsurprisingly – her camera. Beyond her work hours, you’ll frequently discover Olivia immersed in the studio, shooting, editing her shots, or indulging in some well-deserved rest.


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