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Photographic C-type Printing
Professional Lambda Digital C-type printing using Fujicolor Crystal Archive papers. Exhibition quality photographic prints in sizes up to 120 x 48".
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L A Freeway 1 © Sam Hicks, produced as a Lambda C-type print.
Giclée Fine Art (Pigment) Printing
The finest Giclée Fine Art Printing in London. Exhibition quality, archival Giclée Fine Art Prints up to 60” on Hahnemühle and Canson Fine Art papers.
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Image © Peter Fraser, Courtesy of Peter Fraser and Tate St. Ives. Giclée Fine Art Printing by Genesis Imaging.
Black and White Pigment Printing
Black and White Pigment Printing Overview Black and White Pigment Printing describes black and white prints produced on fine art...
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Black and White Pigment prints with Material-Wrapped Window Mats for Tim Taylor.
ChromaLuxe® Fine Art Printing
ChromaLuxe® Fine Art printing Overview ChromaLuxe printing uses ‘dye sublimation’ to fuse images onto metal. The term ‘sublimation’ describes the transition...
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ChromaLuxe Fine Art Print (detail) with high-gloss finish. Artwork: Jimi Hendrix 1967 © Mike Berkofsky
Duratrans and Duraclear C-type Printing
Duratrans C-type Printing Overview Duratrans, or Fujitrans, also known as Durable Transparencies or Backlit Transparences, are prints produced using a...
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Direct to Media UV Printing
Direct to Media Printing Overview Direct to Media UV Printing is a large format, full colour plus white, ultra-fine inkjet...
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Direct to Media UV print on steel for Rui Xu, exhibited in 'From Xuan To Blindress' at The Royal College of Art.
Canvas Printing
Canvas Printing Overview Canvas printing is a technique that employs the Giclée Fine Art printing process, or Direct to Media UV printing process, to...
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Professional canvas printing for Harrys of London, South Audley Street.
Student Photographic Printing
About our Student Photographic Printing services Aware of the fragile state of students’ bank accounts and the need to foster...
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The Conquest of Materials (installation view) © Benjamin Swanson
Creative Retouching Services
What is Creative Retouching? Retouching, also known as photo editing, encompasses a range of manipulations applied to digital images with...
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Image © Rob Lawson, retouched by Genesis Imaging
Photographic Sealing
Photographic Sealing Overview The term ‘sealing’ refers to the application of matt or gloss PVC lamination film to the surface...
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