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Keyline framed works by Michael Potter installed for a commercial client in Fulham. Image â’¸ Michael Potter
Keyline framed works by Michael Potter installed for a commercial client in Fulham. Image â’¸ Michael Potter

What is Keyline Framing?

Keyline frames offer a lightweight, glassless finishing option for your photographs and artwork.


Why should I choose Keyline Framing?

Without glass, keyline frames are more lightweight than traditional framing and reflections on artwork are minimal. Keyline frames are a popular solution for those wanting to frame their work without glass.

Your images are first mounted to Kapa Foamboard to ensure they lay flat within the frame and provide extra strength and rigidity. We then paint the edges to match your chosen moulding colour and tone, and the mounted print is attached directly to the frame. The wooden mouldings we use for our framing are from sustainable sources that meet environmental, social and economic needs for both the present and future, as certified by the FSC scheme.

Our frames are available in sizes up to 110 inches or 2.8m, although we can accommodate larger requests on application.

Appropriate fixings are then attached to the back of your frame so that your work is ready to hang. Of course, our skilled team can provide advice on hanging systems, but we can also offer delivery and installation services.


Packaging and Transporting Your Framed Photographic Works:

One of the biggest challenges with finished works is transportation, which is often tricky due to the fragility of the piece, its size and weight. We would recommend crating works where possible for international travel or transportation using select couriers, providing utmost security. Crates, which can be custom-built to accommodate the exact dimensions of your piece, do cost an additional outlay but can offer a cost-effective solution in the long term when compared against the costs and time associated with getting finished pieces re-made. We also advise, where possible, using experienced art handlers or installers to ensure the risk of damage is minimal. Not only do we provide advice on transportation from years of experience in this field, but we can create bespoke crates and delivery and installation services too – simply ask us! 

What makes us so special?

Keyline Frames – Hanging Guide


Certainly! We do have an extensive range of framing solutions, in a wide range of finishes and we know that the process of choosing the perfect frame can be quite daunting. We are very happy to talk you through the framing process and to help you choose the right solution for your photographs or artwork. Book your appointment with our team here.

We can! If you would prefer to add your artwork later on, or if you can’t send your artwork to us because of its fragility or insurance purposes, we can supply frames with flexible pins – so you can place your work inside yourself. We recommend finishing with framing tape.

Yes! With clients around the world, we’ve shipped our clients work Internationally and can advise and quote on delivery options to suit your requirements. Our bespoke crating is ideal for large items and international delivery – ensuring your work is packaged to perfection and protected until it reaches its destination.

We certainly do! Our specially trained team can take care of the installation of your artwork and vinyl in galleries, commercial and residential properties.

In addition to our installation services for the art and photography industries, we also are able to provide installation of vinyl and graphics using our in-house installation team who have years of experience on projects, both large and small.

Our pricing page shows a guide of the costs associated with many of our services. For a more comprehensive quote, or quotes for large orders or using our bespoke services, please contact one of our friendly team here.

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