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Kerone from the series 'Fighting Spirit of South London'
Raheema Mustapha from the series 'March of the Hummingbirds'

We are extremely excited and proud to share that our friend and client Aneesa Dawoojee’s work from her exhibition, ‘Only Human’, is currently on display on the walls of the Ground Floor Corridor at The Royal Albert Hall until 28th June!

The exhibition can be viewed by those attending performances at the Hall, or during the open morning on Sunday 23rd June, between 10am and 12:30pm.

September 2023 saw the opening of Aneesa’s solo exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society, Gallery Bristol, awarded after her success in the 163rd edition of the RPS International Photography Exhibition (IPE). The work featured in the IPE 163 from her series ‘The Fighting Spirit of South London’ also earned her the RPS Fellowship. The images of martial artist and combat sports athletes from gyms near Aneesa’s home reveal strength, resilience, fortitude and hope to overcome life’s challenges.

March of the Hummingbirds‘, her new series, tells the story of the Caribbean community in the UK with a view to share a little of its rich history. It is a colourful, and often joyous story of a multicultural community who are keen to share their stories of adventure, love, and hope for the children in Britain.

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