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At Genesis Imaging, we’re dedicated to ongoing improvement, constantly enhancing our packaging solutions to embrace sustainability. We’re thrilled to introduce ArtPakk: an innovative, reusable packaging solution perfect for repeat clients, ensuring optimal care and protection for your mounted or framed artworks.

**ArtPakk bags are subject to additional charge on orders, please speak to a member of the team at your time of order.

Key Features of ArtPAKK bags:

  1. Reusable: ArtPakk offers a reusable packaging solution, aligning with our sustainability ethos and reducing environmental impact. Although there is a
  • Acid-Free Lining: Upholding the highest preservation standards, ArtPakk features an acid-free lining that safeguards against deterioration, preserving your artwork’s integrity and vibrancy.
  • Shock Absorbent: Crafted with up to three layers bonded together, ArtPakk ensures consistent protection with a total of 6mm of shock-absorbent material. The bags boast unparalleled strength while remaining lightweight. The cushioning effect of the middle layer recovers after pressure, providing robust protection against knocks and impacts.
  • Water Resistant: ArtPakk’s middle lining is waterproof, allowing water to run off the material. Combined with the outer and inner linings, this renders the bag water-resistant, helping to safeguard your artwork from irreversible water damage during transit and storage.
  • Temperature Controlling: ArtPakk’s middle layer possesses insulation properties, maintaining optimal temperatures for your artwork. Whether stored in temperature-controlled rooms or transported in varying climates, our bags ensure the preservation of delicate art mediums.
  • Moisture Absorbent and Mould Repellent: The fabric used in ArtPakk is breathable, soft, and exceptionally strong. It resists moisture, while also repelling mould and mildew, safeguarding your artwork’s longevity.
  • Cost-Effective: Although ArtPakk bags incur an additional charge on orders, their durability and reusable nature make them a highly economical choice over the product’s lifetime.
  • Professional Construction: ArtPakk features strong fabric bindings along the edges, preventing splitting and ensuring the protection of your artwork. The bags are designed for ease of use, featuring a resealable flap for secure closure.

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