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Othello De’Souza-Hartley: ‘I Am’ Exhbition at Sulger Buel-Lovell Gallery
Questioning stereotypes and scripted roles of gender and race, the works on this exhibition span more than five years of constant experimentation. De'Souza-Hartley's practice includes performance, video, sound and photography, working with different sitters and also extensively with his own body. The show features works from his series Masculinity (2010-2016), I AM (2017) and WITHIN (2017). The full exhibition is curated by Rodrigo Orrantia.
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I AM by Othello De'Souza
George Irvine: ‘Observations’ at D-Contemporary
Artist George Irvine presents his exhibition Observations – a diverse showcase of photographs, prints and paintings. The work varies from...
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David Yarrow: ‘It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere’ at Maddox Gallery
David Yarrow brings you a new exhibition centred on his recent collaboration with TAG Heuer and Cara Delevinge. The exhibition...
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Cara Delevinge and Lion for TAG Heuer, shot by David Yarrow
Wildlife Photographers United: ‘Remembering Great Apes’ at La Galleria
In 2015, British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett founded the 'Remembering Wildlife' project, a 'live-aid' moment for wildlife photographers coming together for a fund-raising book. In 2016, 'Remembering Elephants' was the first book created for the series, followed by 'Remembering Rhinos' in 2017. Now in it's third year, The Remembering Wildlife series will be exhibiting images from their latest book 'Remembering Great Apes'.
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Book cover for Remembering Great Apes
Zoë Law and Maggie’s: ‘LIFE’ Exhibition at The Senedd, Cardiff Bay
The LIFE exhibition, curated by Ab Rogers Design (the architect of Maggie’s at the Royal Marsden in Sutton), is a...
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Gayle Chong Kwan: ‘The People’s Forest’ at William Morris Gallery
Genesis client, Gayle Chong Kwan's The People's Forest is an exhibition of new photographic and sculptural work exploring the history, politics, and people of London's ancient woodland, Epping Forest. The exhibition is the culmination of Chong Kwan's two-year engagement and research investigating the Forest as a liminal threshold between rural and urban, as a site of historic and recent protest, as a shared and contested resource, and the conflict between capital and common.
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Phil Griffin: ‘Dark Matter’ at Keteleer Gallery
Phil Griffin photographs man in an unorthodox way and looks for an intense relationship with his subject. For his new...
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Photo50: ‘Resolution is not the point.’ at London Art Fair 2018
For the 2018 edition of Photo50, the exhibition 'Resolution is not the point.' has been curated by Hemera Collective , and reflects the concerns with which Hemera operates as a collaborative and evolving entity.
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Jack Brockway
Photographer Jack Brockway presents 'The Warrior Games', an exhibition showcasing retired hunting spears and Maasai warrior portraits.
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'The Warrior Games' Exhibition by Jack Brockway at Halcyon Gallery
Oskar “OK” Krajewski: ‘Recycled Future’ Exhibition at gallery@Oxo
Recycled Future is an exhibition of 5 years worth of work in sculpting, by Oskar "OK" Krajewski, which highlights the important message of sustainability. The works are constructed from virtually anything not easily biodegradable that we casually throw away: obsolete computers, broken everyday objects, unwanted toys and all forms of plastic. All are brought to life, with new meaning and beauty. His sculptures employ the latest technologies; sensors, light, sound and movement.
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Recycled Future by Oskar Krajewski
David Yarrow: Galleri Fineart, Oslo
David Yarrow premiering new work at Galleri Fineart in Oslo, for what is his largest show to date with 71...
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Zoë Law and Maggie’s: ‘LIFE’ Exhibition at Christie’s
Zoë Law has collaborated with Maggie’s on a photographic project which place people living with cancer at its heart. This exhibition is a presentation of these photographs and of the amazingly courageous people who visit Maggie’s. Each image represents their joy of life and their resilience during and beyond cancer.
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Bridget © Zoe Law