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The End © Wilfred Wessel Berthelsen
A Day in the Life © Wilfred Wessel Berthelsen
The Long and Winding Road © Wilfred Wessel Berthelsen

“With this body of work, I try to convey the calm, solitude and fragile state of this world of ice and snow. 

I started with this project in 2009 when I hosted my first trip to Antarctica. The other photographers were photographing in colour; it was either pure landscape or portraiture of animals, without much thought of the landscape as art. In contrast, I wanted my approach to focus on artistry, and in that connection came the name of the project / the body of work: E X O D U S. 

The series focuses on the loneliness and fragility of the environment, light, minimalism, and the mystery of the landscape. 

My work comes from an urge to create something, to use my creativity to communicate something to other people. Photographers like Salgado, Kenna and Adams are my sources of inspiration.

Rather than how they typically appear, I attempt to view the landscape and animals in these areas differently, also focusing on climate change – which is essential. These are unique areas that we need to draw attention to”

  • Wilfred Wessel Berthelsen, 2021


15 October – 26 November 2021

The New Yorker Gallery

65B Hopton Street



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