The Format International Photography Festival 2015

From the 2014 Format Festival off-year programme International portfolio reviews.

From the 2014 Format Festival off-year programme.

Format Artistic Director Louise Clements during the 2014 Format Festival off-year programme International portfolio reviews.

From the 2014 Format Festival off-year programme.

From the 2014 Format Festival off-year programme.

From the 2014 Format Festival off-year programme.

From the 2014 Format Festival off-year programme.

The 2014 Format Festival off-year programme awards.

Gabrielle from Genesis Imaging presents photographer Justin Newhall with the Genesis Imaging Bursary Award during the 2014 Format Festival off-year programme awards.

Genesis Imaging are delighted to continue to support The Format International Photography Festival, one of the UK’s leading international contemporary festivals of photography and related media which takes place biannually in Derby, UK, alongside a year round programme of international commissions, open calls, residencies, conferences and collaborations in the UK and Internationally.

Format 15 – Evidence: 13 Mar – 12 April 2015

The search for evidence is central to an understanding of our society and acceptance of its institutions. We use evidence to support, confirm and attest to our ideas, scientific discoveries and forensic investigations. Evidence is the mainstay of how we decide what is and is not true. And since its invention in the 19th century, photography has been crucial to the collection, recording and display of evidence; a silent collaborative partner in our search for traces and proof of something, someone or somewhere existing.

Exhibited artists have been selected from FORMAT’s Open Call, EXPOSURE, the final selection of 76 photographers, chosen by an international panel of photography experts, are works by notable artists including Simon Norfolk, Chris Shaw, Sarah Pickering, Seán Hillen and Lisa Barnard and exciting projects from a new generation of talented photographers, curators and collectives.

War stories, fairy tales and crime scenes, landscapes, street photography and performative projects will combine to offer a diverse interpretation of the theme of evidence, and reflect the expansion of photography into an interpretative as well as a recording medium.

The main exhibition at QUAD, co-curated by Louise Clements and Lars Willumeit and entitled ‘Beyond Evidence’ – An incomplete narrative of photographic truths, takes its cue from the legendary 1977 work Evidence by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel. Featuring a wide range of work by 26 artists, including photography by Natasha Caruana, Edmund Clark, Mishka Henner and Cristina De Middel, the exhibition explores the relationship between image and knowledge, reminding us that not only does the camera test our ability to trust but also provokes us to ask how we determine beyond a reasonable doubt, what is true. Alongside this, there will be a host of exhibitions and events throughout venues in the city, including three exhibitions at Derby’s Museum and Art Gallery, examining the roles of the archival document, exhibitions at The Derby Police Museum, Pickford’s House Museum, New Art Exchange in Nottingham and WW Winters – one of the world’s oldest photography studios which has been operating in Derby since the 1850’s.

Full list of EXPOSURE contributors and exhibitors:

Craig Ames,  Hani Amra,  Miia Autio,  Arnis Balcus,  Lisa Barnard,  Farhad Berahman,  Marta Berens,  Richard Birkin,  Marianne Bjørnmyr,  Giacomo Brunelli,  Antoine Bruy,  Boreal Collective,  Jack Carvosso,  Martina Cleary,  Souvid Datta,  Lottie Davies,  Harold Diaz,  Caroline Douglas,  Boris Eldagsen,  Maurice van Es,  Sarah Eyre,  David Fathi,  Paul Freeman,  Lydia Goldblatt,  Sayed Hasan,  Yining He,  Rick Hekman,  Matt Henry,  Seán Hillen,  Henry Iddon,  Ciril Jazbec,  Melanie King & Claire Reece,  Wawrzyniec Kolbusz,  Birgit Krause,  Ji Hyun Kwon,  Eric Lesdema,  Robert Leslie,  Pixy Yijun Liao,  Qian Ma,  David Magnusson,  Matter Collective,  George Miles,  Heather Miller,  Haley Morris-Cafiero,  Tito Mouraz,  Justin Newhall,  Simon Norfolk,  Karl Ohiri,  Antonio Olmos,  Johan Österholm,  Sarah Pickering,  Jill Quigley,  Swen Renault,  Jana Romanova,  Maria Rosaria,  Fan Shi San,  Nick Sargeant, Francesca Seravalle,  Chris Shaw,  Alnis Stakle,  Tom Stayte,  Rob Stephenson,  Melanie Stidolph,  Theo Stroomer,  Jiehao Su,  Lotta Törnroth,  Artur Urbanski,  Bénédicte Vanderreydt,  Peter Watkins,  Ed Watts,  Alex F Webb,  Hua Weicheng,  Philip Welding,  Wideyed Collective,  Sanne De Wilde, Patrick Willocq.


The Opening Weekend, 12th – 15th March 2015 will begin on the evening on the 12th March with private views taking place across Derby, followed by three days of keynote talks, artist performances and portfolio reviews.

Format 2015: The Genesis Imaging and Fujifilm Production Award

Genesis has partnered with Fujifilm on the Genesis and Fujifilm Production Award – a an award of £1000 worth of framing and printing (on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper) which will be awarded to one photographer selected from the artists chosen to participate in this year’s festival.

Festival Details:

13th March – 12th April 2015: Derby, UK

FORMAT is directed by Louise Clements and organised by QUAD and the University of Derby.

Read our interview with Louise Clements

Find out more about Format Festival



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  1. Hi there,

    I’m Jessica Moresby-White, a second year student at Sunderland University and am currently doing a project about the history and preservation of the church and it would be really useful to my research if I could look at one of the projects you exhibited at your Format photo festival in 2015 titles ‘churches’. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

    Kind regards, Jessica Moresby-White

    Jessica Moresby-white on
    • Hi Jessica,

      Apologies in our delay in replying to you, we closed due to the pandemic, only reopening at the end of May. I would recommend getting in touch with the Format team directly who will be able to assist further with this as we are merely supporters of the festival. Contact information for the festival can be found at

      Very best wishes,

      Gabrielle, Genesis Imaging

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