Genesis supports Brian Griffin ‘Himmelstrasse’ at The Magic Gallery, London.

From the series 'Himmelstrasse' by Brian Griffin, showing at The Magic Gallery, London. Image © Brian Griffin

Sam Peach 'Efflorescence', showing at The Magic Gallery, London. Image © Sam Peach

The Royal Photographic Society is proud to be the first to show this thought provoking collection of  Brian Griffin’s Himmelstrasse, supported by Genesis Imaging.

Himmelstrasse: Brian Griffin

All of the images from this hauntingly, powerful collection will be exhibited at the Magic Gallery Charing Cross; a new gallery devoted to showing cutting-edge work.  At first glance, Griffin’s series of abandoned railway tracks in Poland may look innocuous, but soon we realise the sinister origins of the subject matter, Himmelstrasse means ‘Heaven Street’  –  transporting millions to their deaths in the concentration camps.

Gerry Badger described Griffin’s book, Himmelstrasse, as “an instant candidate for the year’s top ten’ listings” (see full review

The show will run for ten weeks with five artists exhibiting for two week periods alongside Griffin – the first of these will be Sam Peach.

The exhibition has been produced using our Giclée Fine Art Printing, Wallpaper Printing and Bespoke Gallery framing Services.

Efflorescence: Sam Peach

Sam Peach’s Efflorescence is a series of diptych portraits featuring young unknown male models paired with cut flowers. Although others have explored links between men and flowers these images are usually sexual in nature and depict youth as a period of vitality.  In these diptychs the two photographs align in subtler and more tenuous ways and portrays a melancholia which reflects on what will fade rather than what will reproduce.

Himmelstrasse at The Magic Gallery

 20 July – 30 September

Open Thursdays 4pm-8pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-5pm

The Magic Gallery,

Charing Cross Underground Arcade,

The Strand,



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Visit Brian Griffin’s Website

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