Genesis Supports Diana Markosian to Raise Funds for Survivors of the Armenian Genocide

Giclée Fine Art Prints for Diana Markosian's fundraiser to aid three survivors of the Armenian genocide.

Giclée Fine Art Prints for Diana Markosian's fundraiser to aid three survivors of the Armenian genocide.

"Movses Haneshyan, 105, is reunited with an image of his home in Turkey. It's the first time Movses is seeing his home in 98 years." Image © Diana Markosian, from the series '1915'.

"Once the capital of an ancient Armenian Kingdom, Ani, was known as the "city of 1,001 churches." After the genocide, Turkey cut Armenia from its history, with no mention of who built or inhabited it. Today, the city remains abandoned, apart from the occasional presence of Turkish border guards." Image © Diana Markosian, from her series '1915'.

"Mariam Sahakyan, 101, was born in Sason, Turkey, which was a major site of massacres. . She escaped to Syria with her mother and older brother, whom they dressed as a girl for safety." Image © Diana Markosian, from her series '1915'.

"Yepraksia Gevorgyan, now 110, escaped by crossing the river to what is now present-day Armenia. She watched the Ottomans kill the Armenians, throwing their bodies into the water, which she described as "red, full of blood." Image © Diana Markosian, from her series '1915'.

Genesis are thrilled to partner with Diana Markosian and support her efforts to raise $30,000 to assist three survivors of the Armenian genocide by producing limited-edition Giclée Fine Art prints from her touching series ‘1915’, which will be sold with all proceeds from sales going directly to the cause.

Markosian’s series ‘1915’ is the result of a journey to Armenia to meet with Yepraksia Gevorgyan, Movses Haneshyan and Mariam Sahakyan who, a century ago, fled present-day Turkey to escape the Armenian genocide. From their meetings, and in an effort to some way reunite them with the places they formerly knew, she retraced their steps in Turkey to retrieve a piece of their lost homeland. This is the survivors’ story. A story of home ”” everything they had, everything they lost, and what they have found again.

To allow Yepraksia, Movses and Mariam to live out their final years with more than basic necessities, Diana has launched a fundraiser in partnership with Genesis with the aim of raising $10,000 for each of these three survivors, by selling limited-edition prints.

All proceeds from these sales will go directly to Yepraksia, Movses and Mariam to supplement the efforts of their hard-working families.

About Diana Markosian:

Diana Markosian is multi award-winning Armenian-American photographer whose practise explores the relationship between memory and place. She received her master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism at 20 and her work has since taken her to some of the most remote corners of the world, where she has worked on both personal and editorial work. Her work has been published in The New York Times, The New Yorker and Time Magazine, amongst other publications.

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