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Image © Jack Pickerill
Image © Jack Pickerill
Image © Jack Pickerill
Image © Jack Pickerill

Jack Pickerill was awarded the 2019 Genesis Imaging and Lakeside Arts Bursary with his series In Passing, which will be shown alongside new work at Lakeside Arts through September and October in a similarly titled solo show. Genesis is proud to support Jack’s show with our Exhibition Printing and Installation Services.

Veering away from any predetermined social or political agendas, Jack Pickerill’s work is a reflection of the meditative experience that photography can provide. Pickerill’s first solo exhibition ‘In Passing’ will be showing two photography projects, both of which use sequences to develop a narrative and spark photographic comparisons.  

Working mostly in long-term photobook projects, Pickerill’s photography plays with the sequencing of everyday moments to explore a fictional narrative, often relying on ambiguity, form and reoccurring conceptual motifs to provoke an individual interpretation in the viewer.

Image © Jack Pickerill

The exhibition showcases the following bodies of work:

Diptychs 2019-2021

Presented in pairs, this work is a surreal exploration of how our desire to control and order nature often results in designs that draw on natural motifs. We mimic nature, and as such, the irony is suggested when subject and imitation inhabit the same scene. In ‘taking’ a photograph we are in a sense taking possession of the environment; the subjects are flattened and everything presented on a two-dimensional plane. This project plays with the idea of the equalising character of photography using the comparative form of the diptych.

In Passing 

Through family portraiture and shots of rural and natural spaces, Pickerill responds to photographs taken by my mother during her own time studying photography. As we communicate back and forth, through images 22 years apart, In Passing has become a project about the passage of time and the gradual accumulation of years. Photographs taken as I walked with my mother as a child sit alongside pictures I have taken whilst exploring alone. Between these moments in time family members have grown older, familiar trees cut down and memories become imprecise. In its complete form as a photobook, In Passing tells a narrative of everyday moments, of meditative time and of the transience of life. 

Jack Pickerill – Wallner Gallery at Lakeside Arts

Saturday 11 September – Sunday 31 October

Wallner Gallery, Lakeside Arts

University Park


Free admission

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