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Format17 - Habitat
Event Horizon, Exhibition at Format17, Derby March-April 2017 ©Quentin Lacombe

Genesis Imaging continue to support The FORMAT International Photography Festival – the UK’s leading contemporary festival of Photography. For 2017, we partnered with Fujifilm on the Genesis and Fujifilm Open Call Award which was awarded to one photographer selected from the artists who participated in this year’s festival.

The 2017 edition of FORMAT explored the theme of HABITAT. Work by more than 200 international artists and photographers was on display, documenting the world around us. HABITAT share the experiences and stories that coalesce as we negotiate our complex existence, including the flora, fauna, landscapes and the lives within.

With tangible impacts of these changes being recorded in the atmosphere, lands, plants, oceans, humanity and wildlife, FORMAT 2017 was interested in the effect, solutions and conditions of this state that we are in, on micro and macro levels worldwide.

Quentin Lacombe was awarded this year’s award for his project ‘Event Horizon’, which is comprised of £1000 worth of our services – including Bespoke Framing and Professional Photographic Printing (on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper).

“The term ‘Event Horizon’ is the astronomic term that describes the boundary around a black hole beyond which events cannot propagate, therefore producing space and time warps. This book is an attempt to construct a personal cosmology through photographic means. In this curved cosmos, different entities – organic matter, animals, inanimate and architectural objects, all having equal agency – roam along an endless horizon line.” Quentin explains the meaning behind his project.

More about Quentin and Event Horizon:

The original form of Event Horizon is a book of photographs produced in 2016, shortlisted at the Aperture Photobook Prize at Paris Photo last November. This work is a personal attempt to construct a cosmology through photographic means. Under this rather idiosyncratic curved sky, different entities roam along an endless timeline: animals, organic matter, technological artifacts and architectural objects, all seen alike by non-discriminating gaze, as if they inhabited the universe with equivalent agency in a flat ontology of sorts. Strangely though, human entities are absent, as if they had retreated inside many bunker-like houses to hide from entropy’s radiation, an emission they themselves had actually set in motion.


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