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The Photographic Collections Network (PCN) is a new organisation that aims to bring together anyone connected with photo collections or archives in the UK. Their aim is to secure our extraordinary shared visual heritage and to build enjoyment and understanding of our photographic history. Genesis are proud to be a founding supporter of The Photographic Collections Network, an invaluable new organisation and resource for the photographic industry.

The Photographic Collections Network – Main Activities:

Knowledge Sharing and Giving Advice – circulating information on collection visits, study days and seminars; networking and knowledge exchange with others through their website.

Collections mapping – a central focus of the PCN is the Collections Research Project. The aim of the project is to create an online map and directory of photographic collections across the UK, resulting in new links and connections between collections which may not be aware of each other’s work.

Collections strategy – In 2018, The PCN plan to launch some networking events and a roadshow where collections managers and curators talk about their work in this field.

Membership Organisation – Membership of the Photographic Collections Network is open to anyone with a professional working relationship to a photographic archive or collection, big or small, old or new. Members receive access to: news and opportunities, an advice forum, a newsletter, and specialist members’ events across the UK.

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