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ChromaLuxe Print: Pula, “The Queen of Darkness" © Ryan Green
ChromaLuxe Print: Pula, “The Queen of Darkness" © Ryan Green
Damaged ChromaLuxe Print: Pula, “The Queen of Darkness" © Ryan Green
Damaged ChromaLuxe Print: Pula, “The Queen of Darkness" © Ryan Green

In our business, we believe that while it’s all about outstanding images, the people behind them are of equally utmost importance – our client’s always come first and their clients, too. Longstanding client and wildlife photographer Ryan Green contacted us when his ChromaLuxe print went awry in transit; damaged by baggage handlers on its way to his client, Antony Frew. Read the story below, as told by Antony:

“I asked Ryan Green, an amazing photographer with a singular eye for wildlife, for a Chromaluxe print of Pula for my Wife’s 40th (she loves leopard print). As a very old friend, he readily accepted and as we hadn’t seen each other in years and he had not met my family, he said he would deliver it in person. I was so excited about revealing it to my wife and her meeting Ryan (it’s all about provenance and the back story). Things were all looking great! 

When I picked Ryan up from the airport he told me that he had tried to carry the print as cabin luggage and Ryanair said he would have to check it into the hold (due to its size) but would put a fragile sticker on it. Noticing some small tears in the bubble wrap, we opened it in haste and found it in a terrible condition – as if a herd of elephants had danced across it. Their reaction… talk to Portway (the baggage handlers).. who then said… talk to Ryanair. 

As you can imagine I was absolutely devastated, Ryan was also visibly upset whilst staring at the ruined print (half listening to me blaming him for flying Ryanair and thinking they would care because his name was Ryan). The point was… I had a birthday present for my wife that was ruined and Ryan was gutted, but immediately focused on a way to resolve the issue. He contacted Genesis to explain his situation and you understood immediately. A world apart from Ryanair, you generously offered a reprint at cost and ensured that the second print was extremely well protected. So much so that not even Ryanair – or a herd of elephants – could damage it. 

Unfortunately Ryan could not fly it out personally again and sent it via Algarve freight who treated it with the deference it deserves.

Thanks to both Genesis and Ryan, I now have an amazing Chromaluxe print of Pula that my wife adores.

I have taken the trouble to write this because I want to highlight the fact that Genesis Imaging are awesome, print incredible images and take customer service seriously. I have heard nothing but praise from another good friend that uses Genesis, the awesome photographer Edward Hopley. 

Again, thank you for your generosity and willingness to help deliver an incredible print and gift to my beautiful and deserving wife.”

There’s nothing that delights us more than a happy ending!

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