Student Photographic Framing

The Conquest of Materials (installation view) © Benjamin Swanson. Produced as Giclée Fine Art Prints with Bespoke Classic Gallery Frames.

The Conquest of Materials (installation view) © Benjamin Swanson. Produced as Giclée Fine Art Prints with Bespoke Classic Gallery Frames.

The Edge of Visibility © Natalie White. Bespoke Classic Gallery Framing by Genesis Imaging.

About our Student Photographic Framing services

Aware of the fragile state of student’s bank accounts and the need to foster new creative talent, Genesis Imaging is proud to offer all students 20% discount across all of our services.

We realise that for your degree shows, you expect your work to be finished to the highest degree. Our bespoke gallery frames offer a popular finishing solution for photographic prints and artwork and are produced to individual specifications using an extensive range of exhibition quality mouldings in both more traditional and contemporary finishes. In addition to our Classic Gallery framing, we also offer Tray framing, Keyline framing and Spacer framing – all produced with the same quality you have come to associate with Genesis Imaging, but at 20% less of the cost.

What differentiates our Student Photographic Framing services from that of our competitors?

Quite simply, what differentiates our services from that of our competitors is the care and attention we give each job and quality of work that we produce. Unlike some other labs, our student services are exactly the same as our other services – there are no compromises on time, materials or the quality of the work we deliver and the only real difference is the price, as students receive 20% discount across our professional photographic printing, mounting, framing and complementary photographic services.

Most importantly, we invest time – we know from years of working with students that while a discount helps, sometimes you also need a bit of advice. At Genesis, we’re happy for you to talk your projects through with the people who will be working on them – from our creative retouchers right through to our framers, and all of the team in-between.

Our work ethos is centred on delivering quality and on building and nurturing long working relationships with our clients – from your final degree shows, right through to your first gallery show – we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Accompanying Student Photographic Services:

Student Photographic Printing

Student Photographic Mounting

What Our Clients Say About Our Services:

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I'm not sure which framing service to use - can I talk to someone?

Certainly! We do have an extensive range of framing solutions, in a wide range of finishes and we know that the process of choosing the perfect frame can be quite daunting.

We are very happy to talk you through the framing process and to help you choose the right solution for your photographs or artwork. Book your appointment with our team here.

See our full range of bespoke framing services.

How do I hang my mounted or framed works?

We’ve prepared these handy guides to help with the preservation and display of your artwork once it’s framed using our team’s specialist knowledge. Whether your finished work is framed or mounted, going into residential or commercial properties, this information should help keep it safe, secure and perfectly displayed.

Tools needed: pencil, tape measure, spirit level, power drill, appropriate fixings (we suggest screws and raw-plugs depending on the composition of your wall, the size and weight of your final piece – if in doubt, please consult a building professional)

View and Download Hanging Guides


Which types of glazing do you offer for framed works?

We use anti-reflective Artglass as standard for our framed works, which is the best option for reflective-free and neutral viewing. This incorporates a 70% UV filter to protect your valuable artwork from fading. In addition to traditional glazing, we also offer durable and lightweight Perspex – perfect for larger frames.

Is the wood used in your framing from sustainable sources?

Yes. We care about the environment, which is why the wooden mouldings we use for our framing are from sustainable sources that are managed to meet environmental, social and economic needs for the present and future, as certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) scheme.


Is the board you use for your Passé-Partout Window Mounts archival?

When it comes to Passé-Partout’s, or Window Mounts, we only use the finest 8-ply acid-free and neutral PH museum conservation-quality board, which is certified by The Fine Art Trade Guild and offers exceptional preservation qualities that conform to the highest conservation standards.