Services: Bespoke Lightbox Printing and Framing

'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.

'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.

'Let's Talk About Sex' © Aleksandra Karpowicz. Bespoke lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging.

Lightboxes installed at The Power House in Chiswick.

Bespoke lightbox framing, ligthbox artwork © Michael Potter

Lightboxes installed at The Power House in Chiswick.

From the series 'Unprotected views' © Sally Hart. Duratrans printing by Genesis Imaging

Lightbox Printing:

We produce Duratrans (which have a translucent base) and Duraclears (which have a transparent base) to the highest quality using our Lambda c-type process – which is archival, and similar to a traditional photographic c-type process but with all of the benefits of digital control. Duratrans and Duraclears are ideal for displaying in lightboxes as the translucent-base of the material used for printing allows some light to pass through from behind, illuminating and enhancing your work.

Because our Duratrans are produced using the same Lambda C-type process they are archival, durable and suitable for gallery exhibitions and interior displays. Our Duratran and Duraclear lightbox printing offers true, continuous tone, ultra-sharp photographic images with crisp edge to edge printing and absolutely no distortion. Duratrans can be produced from digital files, negatives and transparencies in full colour or black and white, up to 1219 mm (48 inches) in width.

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Lightbox Production and Framing:

Our bespoke lightboxes are produced in-house by our framing department to your exact specifications using your choice of moulding from the multitude of gallery-quality exhibition mouldings that are available for our bespoke framing services.

We use only the highest quality LED panels to illuminate all of our lightboxes – this not only gives us greater flexibility in the size we can produce, but also means that our light boxes are evenly-lit from edge to edge.

The change from fluorescent tubing to LED panels also allows us to produce extremely slimline lightboxes to bespoke specifications. LED lighting also emits far less heat than traditional lightboxes which used fluorescent tubing, which not only required additional depth to prevent overheating, but has also been linked to the deterioration of images.

For even illumination, the LED light is dispersed through a diffusing layer of translucent Perspex in all of our lightboxes.

Appropriate fixings are then attached to the back of the lightbox so that your work is ready to hang. Of course, not only can our skilled team provide advice on hanging systems – but we can also offer delivery and installation services too.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Bespoke Lightbox Printing and Framing:

“I have been working with Genesis on and off for over 15 years through the film/digital crossover. As comfortable with megabytes as backlit framing, Genesis have a true interest in each project that they work on. They do not just provide a service, but are artists and technicians in their own right. Working together always feels like a collaborative effort and that makes the process enjoyable, enriching and successful.”

Michael Potter, Photographer

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View Our Service Guide / Price List – Including VAT