'Black Tulip' © Dazeley

'No Voice' © Dazeley

'Sunflower' © Dazeley

'Platinum Man' © Dazeley

'Bend' © Dazeley

'Kiss' © Dazeley

'Anonymous' © Dazeley

J.WT Exhibition Installation. All images © Dazeley

Oxo Exhibition Installation. All images © Dazeley

About Dazeley:

Dazeley is an award winning advertising and fine art photographer. Born and bred in London, Dazeley was educated at Holland Park Comprehensive, now known as the Socialist’s Eton. Being dyslexic, Dazeley left school at 15 without any formal qualifications.  Dyslexia should be seen as a positive asset for a photographer, it gives me the ability to look at problems and objects from a different point of view,’ says Dazeley.

He works out of his own purpose built studio complex off the New Kings Road in Chelsea with a large back-up team of assistants, stylists, hair and makeup artists.

His work has won many awards from organisations across the world, most recently he has been featured in Sunday Times’ Spectrum Magazine, been awarded three Graphis Golds, had exhibitions in the Royal Photographic Society and JWT London. (remove OXO sentence)

Dazeley’s photographic book Unseen London was published in October 2014 by Frances Lincoln, and is his personal record of unseen London, as it stands in the twenty-first century. His follow up book London Uncovered will be out in the Autumn 2016

In 2013 Dazeley was awarded a Fellowship from The Royal Photographic Society; a fellowship is the highest distinction of the RPS and recognises original work and outstanding ability.

Dazeley is a meticulous planner and imaginative problem solver. “Making the ordinary look extraordinary is Dazeley’s gift” says Sarah Ryder Richardson, who represents Dazeley in the United Kingdom.

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