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Genesis was thrilled to work with photographer Max Marshall on his exhibition, BIG, at 67 York Street Gallery, producing 48×48″ Giclée Fine Art Prints!

Marshall’s bold and irreverent style is distinctive. His huge prints immerse you in a vivid fantasy world of bold shapes and colours.

BIG is about the god of small things. Huge but microscopically detailed portraits of small subjects play with our sense of scale.

Minute dust particles, cracks and scratches are clearly visible in these hyper-detailed images created with a digital medium format camera.

A fascination with technology and social trends informs the work of long-standing Genesis client Marshall.

As well as an artist’s sensitivity to form and colour, Marshall loves to explore photographic techniques in new ways to create original images.

Marshall is already working with Genesis on draft prints for his next show, a unique take on a global icon printed on metal!

About Max Marshall:
Max Marshall is an artist and photographer from London. As well as being a photographer, Max has worked as a TV journalist and running tech companies. Marshall has been a photographer all his life, developing and printing photos from the age of 12. His passion for his craft shines through in his work.

BIG is a new departure for Marshall. BIG is the first in a series of annual shows exhibiting a new and distinctive style. Max Marshall’s visually dramatic images transport you to another world and have emotional impact.