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Remembering Wildlife is the collective name for the series of books created by British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett MBE who was prompted to take action after seeing a poached elephant in Northern Kenya in 2014. She began asking fellow wildlife photographers if they would contribute to a fundraising book. Their response was unanimous and Remembering Elephants, by ‘Wildlife Photographers United’ was published in September 2016 with images donated by 65 of the world’s top wildlife photographers.

Together, the series has now sold more than 35,000 books and distributed more than £1 million GBP / $1.3 million USD to 63 different conservation projects in 27 countries across Africa and Asia.

Genesis was honoured to be involved with the latest exhibition, Remembering Leopards, at gallery@oxo, producing Giclée Fine Art prints and Classic Gallery Frames.

Remembering Leopards is the eighth book in the Remembering Wildlife fundraising series, full of images generously donated by many of the world’s top wildlife photographers, with 93 contributing this year. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to projects working to protect leopards in the wild.