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Roger Hooper
About Roger Hooper: Roger Hooper is a photographer who is passionate about wildlife and the environment. He has photographed many extraordinary...
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Roger Hooper 'Art in the Wild' at OXO gallery, Oxo Tower Wharf. Image
Peter Fraser
Born 1953 Cardiff, Wales, Peter Fraser attended schools in Cardiff, Glamorgan and the Rhondda Valley. He acquired his first camera...
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Vincent Poole
About Vincent Poole: After studying fine art, Vincent Poole’s focus moved towards graphic design and art direction which led him to...
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well sulky - vincent poole
Dana Popa
About Dana Popa: Dana Popa was born in Romania, and is currently based within the UK. She completed  the MA Documentary Photography...
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dana popa - genesis imaging clients
Michael Birt
About Michael Birt: Michael Birt has worked for most major magazines in the UK and the United States: Sunday Times...
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Kiera Knightley © Michael Birt - Genesis Imaging Clients
David Anthony Hall
About David Anthony Hall: David Anthony Hall ‘s work exudes a sense of calm and – hardly surprisingly – has...
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Image © David Anthony Hall
Boo Ritson – Artist
Artist Boo Ritson speaks about her work, inspiration and the creative process. (1 min, 50 secs)
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Medical Illustration UK
Mike Nelson from Medical Illustration UK, one of Genesis Imaging’s first clients from nearly 17 years ago speaks about the...
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Getty Images Gallery
Louise Garczewska – Director of Getty Images Gallery, speaks passionately about her love for photography and the gallery. (2 mins,...
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Gavin Mitchell
Gavin Mitchell – Artists Statement: I aim to produce an evolving body of work that investigates the harmony, contradictions and...
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Kodachrome Americana II © Gavin Mitchell, produced using Giclée Fine Art Printing and Bespoke Gallery Photographic Framing by Genesis Imaging.