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It is often the case that previews on a monitor and the prints themselves so not match exactly, which can be because of the brightness of the screen, incorrect calibration, colour profile, or insufficient hardware. To produce the closest results, we recommend calibrating your screen using a monitor calibration tool (colorimeter or spectral photometer) or with the help of a reference picture. Built in calibration tools, or tools online are okay for a quick fix, but calibration using colorimeter hardware will provide optimum results.

Before calibrating your monitor make sure your screen has been on for at least half an hour so it has fully adjusted to its normal operating temperature and conditions. Ensure to set the monitor resolution to its native, default resolution.

Make sure you are calibrating your screen in the correct environment – a room with moderate ambient lighting is ideal.

Colorimeter’s can be bought or rented from local camera rental shops, or purchased from £100. Once plugged in through your computer’s USB and placed on the screen, the software should take you through the necessary steps.

As a guide, the following should help you produce accurate results:

Colour temperature: 6500° Kelvin

Brightness: 60-120 Candela/m²

Gamma: 2.2