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Steve Butler, Hero of the Lab

Every professional print lab has its own hero, this hero ensures the highest possible quality to be delivered to the customer. They are photo enthusiasts and experts in their field. We’re thrilled to have our very own Steve Butler featured in The  Fujifilm Original Photo Paper ‘Hero of the Lab’ series. See Excerpt below, and follow the link at the bottom for the full piece…

Who is Steve Butler?

Hello! I am the Print Director of Genesis Imaging and I am the person responsible for maintaining consistency and quality across our print services, on a range of media.

Could you please tell us about your professional background?

Sure! I’ve been printing for over thirty years. My first job was as a black and white printing technician in a small lab in Swindon. From there, I moved to the local newspaper which gave me the experience of working to tight deadlines and equipped me with the skills to do so.

I really loved large format printing, and a move to London threw me back into the darkroom, and later into digital. I was the Print Manager of a quite prominent lab on North End Road over 20 years ago, but my lab’s lack of interest in digital – and Genesis Imaging’s forward-thinking attitude – made me move on to a new position in Genesis, and I haven’t looked back. I was happy to work my way up again as a C-type printing technician, knowing this company had a bright future.

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