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© Graeme Purdy, 'Starlings in Flight'
© Harriet Holt, 'Along the River'
© Lee Farrant, 'Richmond Bridge'
© Nadia Day, 'Richmond Riverside'
© Vanessa Raw, 'Light through trees'
© Divya Batra-Pasgon, 'Autumn Rain'

Genesis client and friend Lee Farrant set up Vineyard Editions back in 2017. Based in Richmond, Vineyard Editions is a local art initiative that aims to help make a difference for people affected by homelessness. 100% of funds raised will go directly to Richmond’s Vineyard Community Centre, a charity that works to meet the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable in the Richmond area.

In its first year, the initiative raised over £5,250 for Richmond’s Vineyard Community Centre. Five renowned Artists join Lee this year and hope to raise even more money.

Divya Batra-Pasgon, Nadia Day, Harriet Hoult, Graeme Purdy and Vanessa Raw have each donated a unique, signed, limited edition piece of art that you can buy at a fraction of their usual cost. In keeping with the local focus, the prints are all of Richmond scenes.

There are 6 different limited edition prints available. Each is signed and numbered by the artist, and embossed with a unique Vineyard Editions stamp to ensure authenticity.

In this age where technology effortlessly connects us to people around the world, it is easy to overlook the needs of people right here on our doorstep. The Vineyard Editions initiative aims to help those dedicated to making a difference close to home.

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