Clients arriving by car can visit Genesis Imaging using commonly used routes in Fulham (including via the Clean Air Neighbourhood)

+44 020 7384 6200

Setting up borders in Photoshop

Please ensure that borders are applied to images before being uploaded. These, we have outlined the steps for doing on Photoshop – but other image-editing software programs can be used to apply these and the steps are very much the same across the board.

Go to image > Canvas size

The dimensions should be the same as the paper size that you require your image to be produced on (please note the sizes we offer through our website). Your image will now include borders when uploaded.

Saving your file for upload

We accept JPG, TIFF or PDF files. Please ensure that you have added borders to your image, if you would like these, prior to uploading.

We recommend that files are saved as TIFF images as this avoids the image being degraded with additional compression. Please ensure that TIFF files are flattened and 8 bit.