Kapa Foamboard Mounting

'Men of Wisdon' © Graham Hughes, installed at Leo Burnett, London

Foamboard mounting is lightweight yet rigid and suitable for lightweight and temporary displays, as well as within framed works.

What is Kapa™ Foamboard?

Kapa™ Foamboard is made up of three layers – an inner hard foam polyurethane core clad with a reinforced aluminium layer (adding protection for photographic images) and outer covering of card.

Why Should I Choose Kapa Foamboard Mounting?

Foamboard mounting is a lightweight yet rigid mounting solution, perfect for ensuring your prints are flat within the frame, or to use alone to mount prints directly on to the wall for more temporary displays.

We are able to offer Foamboard mounts in both 5mm and 10mm thicknesses and up to a maximum size of 118 x 60 inches. (2 997 x 1524mm).

Direct to Kapa Foamboard Printing:

We are also able to print your images or artwork direct to Kapa™ Foamboard using our Direct to Media printing service. Printing direct to a substrate can often be quicker as it removes the need for a photographic print and is a popular choice for those looking to explore new creative possibilities. Kapa™ Foamboard is just one of the hundreds of substrates we can print on to – find out more about our Direct to Media UV Printing here.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services:

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What is the difference between Foamboard and Foamex?

Both Foamboard  and Foamex are exceptionally lightweight and ideal cost-effective mounting solutions. Foamex generally has a better  strength to weight ratio than Foamboard – so it will not be as easily damaged, we generally recommend Foamex where mounted photographs or artwork will be exhibited multiple times. 

What is your turnaround time for mounting?

We aim to turnaround orders for our finishing services within 8 – 10 days. Large orders are often subject to slightly longer turnaround times, please speak to us to confirm turnaround times prior to placing your order.

How do I hang my mounted or framed work?

We’ve prepared these handy guides to help with the preservation and display of your artwork once it’s framed using our team’s specialist knowledge. Whether your finished work is framed or mounted, going into residential or commercial properties, this information should help keep it safe, secure and perfectly displayed.

Tools needed: pencil, tape measure, spirit level, power drill, appropriate fixings (we suggest screws and raw-plugs depending on the composition of your wall, the size and weight of your final piece – if in doubt, please consult a building professional)

View and Download Hanging Guides