Undocumented: Photo Exhibition Marks 10 Years of Unique Clinic

'Tavish' was tortured in Sri Lanka before fleeing to the UK where he was refused healthcare. Photo by Jenny Lewis

We are thrilled to support a new photography exhibition – Undocumented: Healthcare for the hidden – which marks the 10-year anniversary of Doctors of the World’s pioneering east London health clinic for vulnerable refugees and migrants.

Eight renowned photographers – including Julian Anderson, Toby Coulson, and Katie Peters – have collaborated with the charity to create a series of unique portraits, showing some of thousands of people helped by the clinic since 2006, which we have printed using our Lambda C-type and bespoke Wallpaper Printing services.

The exhibition tells the stories of those who the clinic have helped – including young Sri Lankan, Tavish (pictured) who was forced to leave his country after being tortured due to suspected links to the Tamil Tigers. Brought to London by a people smuggler, his physical and mental health deteriorated, yet despite being in need of urgent medical help, no GP surgery would register him.

Another portrait is of Sarah, a HIV-positive South African woman and one of the first to come to the clinic in 2006. When she was 18 she was raped by a man who wanted to “fix her” because of her attraction to women and was later diagnosed with HIV which she believed to be terminal. To escape her situation she came to England in 2005 but was unable to access any HIV care through the NHS.

Tavish and Sarah’s stories are not uncommon, but both were helped by the Doctors of the World clinic in Bethnal Green.

Whilst everyone living in the UK is entitled to free healthcare, in reality many face significant barriers in accessing this. Vulnerable people – including pregnant women, victims of torture and trafficking survivors – are often refused GP registration because they don’t have ID or proof of address. Others have been too frightened to seek care for fear of being charged or reported to the Home Office.

The east London clinic has been filling a gap in the NHS for 10 years and the demand for its services is increasing. Since the clinic first opened in 2006, the number of people using the service has increased three-fold.

Undocumented: Photo Exhibition Marks 10 Years of Unique London Clinic

7 – 10 September, 10-6pm each day.

Four Corners,

121 Roman Road,


E2 0QN.

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