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Fran Monks x Keble College: ‘Portrait of Keble’
Keble College launched a very special exhibition in Hall on Friday 20 September to mark 40 years of co-education and...
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Alexandro Pelaez: ‘Eclectic’ (Curated by Mara Alves) at Bermondsey Project Space
'Eclectic' is an exhibition consisting of a series of analogue double exposure film photographs by the Caracas-born photographer, Alexandro Pelaez. The exhibitions presents inspiration from different viewpoints and embraces diversity, multicultural roots and gazes from different countries.
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AOI: World Illustration Awards 2019
We are proud to have supported the 43rd World Illustration Awards exhibition currently on a Somerset House.
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Brian Deutsch: ‘Brothers in Alms’ at the Freemasons’ Hall
Brother's in Alms is an exhibition of rare photographs spanning the period from the Second Boer War through to the end of the Second World War, and features those who led and those who served on land, sea and in the air. It portrays the great landscape of conflict across all continents and the diversity of the participants. Curated by Brian Deutsch.
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Zelda Cheatle: The Photographic Dog Show at Christ Church & St Stephen’s Battersea
We’re thrilled to be supporting renowned curator Zelda Cheatle with her new exhibition all about dogs! The Photographic Dog Show...
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Bastard Turpin: ‘Movement Of Colour’ at God’s Own Junkyard
Kai Bastard and Bill Turpin present 'Movement of Colour', an exhibition accompanied by an immersive Yoga class taking place at God's Own Junkyard. The photographic series focuses on each seven centres of spiritual power in the human body. Through the union of bodies and colour, the class will explore mindfulness and self reflection.
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Zoë Law and Maggie’s: ‘LIFE’ at The Lowry
Continuing the LIFE Exhibition tour, the next stop is The Lowry. ‘LIFE’ is an intimate photography exhibition by Zoë Law who spent a year inviting people living with cancer to her studio to take part in photoshoots with their family and friends. All of those who took part have been supported by Maggie’s Centre across the UK through their different cancer experiences.
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Paul Thompson: ‘Navigate’ at Wren London
Documenting the many navigation markers dotted around the coastline of Britain, Navigate is a series of photographs taken over a period of three years by British artist Paul Thompson. Recalling Britain's identity as an island nation and coincidentally beginning in 2016 when the country voted to leave the European Union, Navigate looks at Britain from the edges out.
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Hassan Hajjaj: Maison Marocaine de la Photographie
In 2019, Hassan Hajjaj transforms the Maison Européenne de la Photographie into the Maison Marocaine de la Photographie. This major...
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Elephant x Photojournalism Hub: Photojournalism Nights at Elephant West Gallery
On Tuesday 21st May new platform Photojournalism Hub will launch at Elephant West. The platform aims to promote and engage the public on social justice issues through photojournalism and documentary photography exhibitions, talks and events. Genesis are proud to be one of their supporters in what is the first collaboration of a series of events entitled Photojournalism Nights.
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AOP Awards 2019 Exhibition at Canary Wharf
2019 marks the 35th anniversary of the AOP Awards. The AOP Awards gathers together the best of the best in the photography world to celebrate the captured image. Returning to last year's AOP50 exhibition venue, the images will be displayed in the lobby of One Canada Square for 7 weeks starting in mid-April, making this year the longest running public exhibition in the Awards history.
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Celine Bodin: ‘Light of Grace’ at Purdy Hicks Gallery
French photographer Celine Bodin will present her first ever solo exhibition at Purdy Hicks Gallery. The exhibition will present two recent series: Light of Grace, and The Hunt.
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Celine Bodie - Light of Grace at Purdy Hicks 2019

David Yarrow

David Yarrow, 48, was born in Scotland and is currently based in London. He began his photographic career recording the world’s greatest sporting events.

David Yarrow Galleri Fineart

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