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Rose Beddington: Rural People Rural Lives: A Changed Landscape’
When photographer Rose Beddington went back to Lincolnshire to see the people and places she had documented in her 1997...
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Rose Beddington Rural People Rural Lives: A Changed Landscape' at The Collection Museum, Lincolnshire.
Tim Wren
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Ford Courier © Tim Wren
‘Sir Benjamin Stone: Observations in Brazil, 1893’ at Sala Brasil, Embassy of Brazil
The exhibition presents previously unpublished works by Sir Benjamin Stone of his journey to Brazil in 1893. Curated by Pete...
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Sir Benjamin Stone Collection, Library of Birmingham.
Dazeley is an award winning advertising and fine art photographer. Born and bred in London, Dazeley was educated at Holland...
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Gayle Chong Kwan
About Gayle Chong Kwan Gayle Chong Kwan is a multidisciplinary artist whose photographic works, immersive installations and shared sensory events...
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Gayle Chong Kwan 'Anthropo-scene' at Bloomberg Space. Image courtesy of Bloomberg.