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Our framing department provide beautiful, bespoke photographic framing solutions to leading photographers, artists, creative professionals and individuals alike who require high quality and beautifully finished framework.

We use anti-reflective Artglass as standard for our framing, which is the best option for reflective-free and neutral viewing. This incorporates a 70% UV filter to protect your valuable artwork from fading. In addition to traditional glazing, we also offer durable and lightweight Perspex – perfect for larger frames.

When in comes to passé-partout’s, or window mounts, we only use the finest 8-ply acid-free and neutral PH museum conservation-quality board, which is certified by The Fine Art Trade Guild and offers exceptional preservation qualities that conform to the highest conservation standards. The wooden mouldings we use for our framing are from sustainable sources that are managed to meet environmental, social and economic needs for both the present and future, as certified by the FSC scheme.

FramingMax sizeBacklit
Bespoke Fabric Lightbox3 x 2 mYes
Classic Photographic Gallery Framing2.8 x 2.8 m (larger requests on application)No
Spacer (Box) Framing2.8 x 2.8 m (larger requests on application)No
Tray Framing2.8 x 2.8 m (larger requests on application)No
Keyline Framing2.8 x 2.8 m (larger requests on application)No
Bespoke Lightbox Framing2.8 x 2.8 m (larger requests on application)Yes

Bespoke Fabric Lightboxes

In addition to our more traditional lightboxes (which use Duratrans or Direct to Media prints on Perspex), we also provide custom-size slim lightboxes with interchangeable high-definition fabric images. These are bespoke and made to your requirements.

Our fabric lightboxes present your artwork as a bespoke-sized contemporary art piece and allow a changeable showcase in your home or gallery. They are also the perfect advertising solution within commercial premises to increase brand awareness or showcase a product or service due to their large-scale, bright, and even lighting and changeable graphics.

These high-impact, large-scale lightboxes benefit from their lightweight structure and the ability to change graphics or artwork easily. The lightboxes utilise LEDs, Drivers and electrics inside the unit, allowing the lightbox profile to be slimline at 60mm. The LED’s provide a very even spread of light across the lightbox, with no shadowing, and emit very little heat.

Fabric Lightbox produced by Genesis Imaging with David Yarrow Artwork
Artwork © David Yarrow

The images or artwork showcased on our fabric lightboxes are printed with our high-definition Direct to Media UV Printing service, allowing ultra-fine detail right across the expanse of the piece. Direct to Media UV Printing uses our ultra-fine Swiss-Q Nyala machine, which has a nine picolitre output for fine-art applications and improved precision printing with unparalleled detail.

Each lightbox uses a 24-volt LED system, and the framework comes with an anodised aluminium finish or satin black or white powder-coated finish, and in sizes up to a massive 3 x 2m.

Classic Photographic Framing

We stock a wide range of exhibition-quality mouldings in a broad range of colours and finishes, and our specialist staff can consult with you to find your perfect finishing solution. Of course, framing isn’t all about aesthetics – our team are also highly skilled in producing bespoke gallery framing solutions to preserve and protect your photographs or artwork.

Clive Arrowsmith: Amazement and Amusement at Holden Luntz Gallery. Image courtesy Clive Arrowsmith.
Clive Arrowsmith: Amazement and Amusement at Holden Luntz Gallery. Image courtesy Clive Arrowsmith.

We believe that your frame should complement your artwork and aid in protecting and preserving it rather than detracting from its overall impact by shifting focus to the moulding surrounding it. For this reason, we have a large selection of mouldings that provide an array of thicknesses or depths to choose from. A deeper moulding might be more appropriate for larger pieces that might otherwise look disproportionate with thinner mouldings. Of course, our team is on-hand and ready to advise you on the most appropriate mouldings – and we have samples on-hand to put beside your work.

Our classic photographic gallery frames are available in sizes up to 110 inches or 2.8m, although we can accommodate larger requests on application.

Once your frame is complete, appropriate fixings are then attached to the back of your frame so that your work is ready to hang. Not only can our skilled team provide advice on hanging systems – but we can offer delivery and installation services too.

Spacer (Box) Framing

‘Spacer’ or ‘box’ framing uses a ‘fillet’, or ‘spacer’ which runs alongside the inner edge of the frame and provides a separation between your artwork and the glass of the frame.

Spacer (Box) Frame Profile Profile - For Galleries, Photographers and more.

Alongside the contemporary aesthetic achieved with spacer framing, the separation between your artwork and the glass of the frame also aids in preventing damage to your prints caused by condensation (which can result in water damage, mould, mildew or the deterioration of the surface of the image).

Spacer framing is also ideal for 3D artworks as we can adjust the depth to accommodate your work.

Beyond Fashion, The Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography Exhibition at ArtisTree, Hong Kong

Tray Framing

Tray framing offers a glassless, contemporary framing solution that achieves a 3D, floating’ effect for your images or artwork.

Your images are mounted to Dibond – a lightweight aluminium composite known for its rigidity – which protects the print and provides a firm base for framing. A smaller sub-frame is then attached to the reverse of the mounted print, giving space between the back of the frame and the print. The artwork is set back slightly from the edge of the frame to prevent damage, and there is space left on all sides of the mounted print within the frame to achieve the floating effect.

Keyline Framing

Keyline frames offer a lightweight, glassless finishing option for your photographs and artwork.

Without glass, keyline frames are more lightweight than traditional framing and reflections on artwork are minimal. Keyline frames are a popular solution for those wanting to frame their work without glass.

Your images are first mounted to Kapa Foamboard to ensure they lay flat within the frame and provide extra strength and rigidity. We then paint the edges to match your chosen moulding colour and tone, and the mounted print is attached directly to the frame. The wooden mouldings we use for our framing are from sustainable sources that meet environmental, social and economic needs for both the present and future, as certified by the FSC scheme.

Our frames are available in sizes up to 110 inches or 2.8m, although we can accommodate larger requests on application.

Keyline framing

Bespoke Lightbox Framing

We offer exhibition-quality, bespoke lightbox framing to complement our ultra-slimline, lightweight fine art lightboxes.

Our team make lightboxes using a range of exhibition-quality mouldings. We first produce prints as Duratrans, and a diffuser is then used to ensure even light disbursement from the LED panels used within the lightbox.

Lightbox Frame Profile - For Galleries, Photographers and more.

We use only the highest quality LED panels to illuminate all of our lightboxes – this gives us greater flexibility in the size we can produce and means that our lightboxes are evenly lit from edge to edge.

The change from fluorescent tubing to LED panels also allows us to produce extremely slimline lightboxes to bespoke specifications. LED lighting also emits far less heat than traditional lightboxes, which use fluorescent tubing, which not only requires additional depth to prevent overheating but can result in image deterioration. 

The LED light is dispersed through a diffusing layer of translucent Perspex for even illumination.

The first step for producing lightboxes is printing your images; we print these as Duratrans using the digital c-type process – rendering images durable and archival on a translucent base suitable for lightboxes.

Zoobs Ansari ‘Insanity Fair’ (install shot) at Elephant West

What is a Window Mount or Passe-Partout?

‘Passe-partout’ (or Passepartout) is a french term for a mat, paper or cardboard sheet placed over the print and under the glass in a picture frame. Passe-partouts are also known as window mounts.

Passe-partout or window mounts in a range of colours by Genesis Imaging

Aside from enhancing visual appeal, mounts offer protection for photographs and artwork by separating the artwork and the glass (preventing any condensation – resulting in water damage, mould, mildew or the deterioration of the surface of the image).

We only use a conservation quality board, certified by the Fine Art Trade Guild, which provides archival, conservation quality window mounts to enhance and protect your images. 

Our passe-partout mounts are available in a wide range of colours, and we can produce mounts in any size up to 60 x 40 inches with a window size of 30 x 40 inches. The cutout shape of the passe-partout is bevelled to prevent casting shadows on the picture, and we can create single or multiple apertures depending on your requirements.

Alongside traditional passe-partouts, we offer hand-wrapped fabric window mounts using the finest quality Manhasset Oyster linen. Linen is preferred over cotton for Fabric Wrapped Mats as a conservation-friendly material.

We produce fabric-wrapped mats entirely in-house, using the finest quality materials and in sizes up to 70″. 

‘Changing Lanes’, by David Yarrow at Maddox Gallery with bespoke framing with hand-wrapped deep bevel window mat by Genesis Imaging.

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